Lil Wayne Slashes Price on Miami Mansion Thanks To Flat Real Estate Market

(AllHipHop News) The real estate market has gone flat and Lil Wayne is following suit, by dropping the sale price of his Miami mansion by a total of $4 million dollars.

Lil Wayne has cut the offering price several times since the home went up for sale in April of 2015 for $18 million. After dropping the price several times since, the house is now being offered at $14 million, nearly $4 million off the original asking price.

A lucky buyer will get a mansion with a glass elevator, a skatepark on the roof and a home that has a few million dollars worth of remodeling.

“The market is flat,” Ty Forkner, the listing agent told The Miami Herald. “Priced at under $1,000 a square foot, it’s a special deal.”

Lil Wayne originally put the mansion up for sale after police raided the property to collect $2 million in assets and artwork, to satisfy a judgement against him brought by Signature Group over an unpaid jet bill.

Over the past few years, fans began pranking Weezy by sending a SWAT team to the residence in response to a phony shots fired call, while a real prowler was caught on his property.

Since then, Lil Wayne has been fighting several lawsuits, including a $51 million beef with Cash Money, a $300,000 lawsuit with a former lawyer and ongoing issues with the IRS.

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