Legal Troubles Continue For The Migos With Newest Arrest

(AllHipHop News) Today The Migo’s rapper Offset was arrested for marijuana possession in Chattahoochee, GA just southwest of Atlanta.

In addition to uncovering under an ounce of buds, Offset was driving with a suspended license according to reports by TMZ.

 Offset was detained earlier this month (March 18th) after missing the court date and failing to pay the fine.

Failing to pay an originally issued ticket for$171, the Atlanta rapper was arrested and detained for not paying the ticket and the subsequent fines, that resulted in $316 in fees and violations for driving with a suspended license.

Apparently the rapper was under the impression the ticket had been handled after he served 8 months for drugs and weapons charges according to a recent Fader article quoting his lawyer.

According to that article, the violation earlier this month would not affect Offset’s 5 year probation, no word on how this will affect his probation status.

Recently Takeoff of the Migos told TMZ they were being targeted by police in Atlanta saying, “they always messing with us. They don’t give us not room to breathe. Y’all see it y’all self…We just here to do our job, man…Just leave us alone”

Offset was released from prison just 3 months ago



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