Kevin Gates Has One Problem With His New Emoji Keyboard

Kevin Gates is the latest celeb to introduce his own emoji keyboard. The Bread Winners Association emojis are finally here! Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose made millions off of their emojis so we wonder how much Gates will bring in. With the release of his emojis, Kevin ran into one problem: Apple was not going for his “syrup/lean” emoji. Gates has openly admitted to using lean and other drugs in the past. Although he “walks in his truth,” we guess it’s a good thing that the emoji wasn’t supported. What are your thoughts?

kevin gates

kevin gates

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10 Responses to “Kevin Gates Has One Problem With His New Emoji Keyboard”

  1. atlantahiphopshop

    So people think it is cool to be a drug addict now? That is so against the code. This generation is loosing by choice not circumstance. This is the new crackhead generation except it is in your face.

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