John Legend Talks Speaking Out About Donald Trump & The 2016 Election (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The final 2016 presidential debate is scheduled for tonight (October 19).

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in Nevada just three weeks before Election Day. Many celebrities have expressed their opinion about the candidates via interviews and social media.

R&B singer John Legend has been one of the most candid critics of Trump. Music Choice spoke with the Grammy winner about being so vocal this election season.

“I have always come out for the candidate that I thought was the best candidate for the country and never been afraid to speak out about that,” said Legend. “I think for this election particularly we have seen one candidate that’s really had an entire campaign inspired by hate, division, racism, misogyny and his own narcissism. I think that’s particularly dangerous.”

He continued, “I would speak out on any election but I think it is even more urgent now because we have someone running for office whose you know a major party candidate who is so dangerous I think for the world and this country.”

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