21 Savage Threatens Critics Calling Him Gay For Riding A Four Wheeler With Meek Mill (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 21 Savage is not here for people calling him gay.

The “X” rapper was catching heat online after a video of him and Meek Mill riding a four wheeler together made its way around the web. In a series of video posts, Savage fired back at his critics.

“B-tch ass motherf-ckers always gotta comment and throw they two cents in on some sh-t. I’ll slap the f-ck out of one of y’all in real life,” said 21 Savage. “Everything a n-gga do or motherf-cking say, [people say,] ‘He ain’t no savage. He ain’t no street n-gga. He on the four wheeler. He gay.'”

The Atlanta-based rhymer went on to blast “b-tch ass rappers,” “b-tch ass fans,” and bloggers for critiquing him.

“I triple, double, quadruple dare a n-gga to try me, play with me,” said Savage. “N-ggas know how my game rocks. You wack ass sh-t for real.”

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