Breeding Ground

Action Bronson: Cooking Up Rhymes, Punchlines, and Dinner?

Kool G Rap, Noreaga, Mobb Deep, and Nas all have one thing in common – other than being some of the greatest entities in Hip-Hop, they all hail from Queens, New York, just like Action Bronson. After releasing his critically acclaimed debut, Mr. Lecter, last Spring, Bronson’s star profile has been furiously rising. He has… Read more »


Into The Skeme Of Things

“In the ‘Scheme’ of things,” is a popular idiom, a saying that is commonly used to express the “general view of a situation.”  20-year-olds don’t generally have 7 mixtapes under their belt. 20-year-old don’t generally have their music played at venues that they themselves are not even old enough to be admitted to and 20-year-old… Read more »