10 Things That Make "Deadpool" An Instant Classic

We’ve said it here and it’s been said just about everywhere – “Deadpool” is an awesome film. However, for those head cases who still want to be convinced, or those who simply want to say “I told you so,” we thought we’d put together our own list about what it is that makes this movie a dead to rights instant cult classic:

  1. The "Anti" Opening Credit Sequence. Never seen before, but sure to be emulated, the opening credit sequence of “Deadpool” makes no bones about having no love for the establishment or the labels that it bestows on the credit hungry “movie star”. Kudos for setting the tone for this love letter to the folks that live outside the colored lines, or at the very least those who like to think themselves cool enough to thrive in that alternative pool.
  1. It Got Made Gangsta. After almost ten years of "Deadpool" stagnating in development hell at New Line Cinema, in 2014 somebody mysteriously leaked some action sequence test footage that Ryan Reynolds and "Deadpool" director Tim Miller had shot previously as “proof of concept” footage. When it hit YouTube, the fan response was enough to get 20th Century Fox to scoop up what New Line had been neglecting to act on. Could it have been Reynolds who did it? We’ll never know, but somebody over at New Line is feeling all kinds of ass right about now.
  1. Breakout Use Of Sex as an Effective and Eye Catching Way To Convey The Passage of Time in a Relationship Between Two Hot Consenting Adults. Pretty much enough said. Why on earth has no one ever thought to do this before? Who knows... but it’s pretty unconventionally cult brilliant.
  1. Breaking The Fourth Wall Like a Boomerang And Not Giving A Damn. For those who like their revenge flicks Kurosawa style with a dash of that modern Tarantino worthy swing, this film goes very far to give viewers a signature 360 Deadpool curated commentating experience straight from the point of view of our anti-hero.
  1. Finding New Kick Ass Female Talent. Two words – Morena Baccarin. To see her is to love her in this movie. She’s just that cool that ladies want to be her and guys want to… be Deadpool - if you know what we’re saying here. It doesn’t hurt that she looks like a modern reincarnation of Sophia Loren either.
  1. Female Characters That Are Tough But Not Stiff. Morena Baccarin isn’t the only cool female in this movie who knows how to crack some tennis balls and then some. Gina Carrano is a doing what she does best as the wickedly invincible Angel Dust, and Brianna Hildebrand is too much fun as the authentically bored but dutifully effective Negasonic Teenage Warhead. As if all teenagers aren’t this way, right?
  1. Best Buddy Scene One on One Bonding Over An Infant Appendage. You just have to trust us on this one. Just know that as a nod to other beyond cool female characters, this scene involves the always-incredible Leslie Uggams as Blind Al. It’s so good, you just get the shivers again and again.
  1. Best Sidekick “We’re All In This Together” Realism. Why is it in so many hero movies that the best friend is only a quality best friend if they want to be the equivalent of a ride to die chick? I don’t know about you, but if I’m Joe Blow and my bestie is Superman, he best handle his own biz, cause you only live once and I’m a lover not a fighter when it comes to superhero grown folk problems. To that end, Deadpool and his right hand man Weasel, played in winning fashion by the always expressively deadpan T.J. Miller hits it right on the head.
  1. Best Update Of Bonding With Your Cabbie. The Use of Taxi Cabs in Deadpool is an unexpected nod to Deadpool’s never leaving much of a carbon footprint anywhere, which is just so green for an antihero…. unless of course he’s blowing up a building or a highway. But the real gem in this movie is the teacher student relationship set up between Deadpool and Dopinder, his trusty go to cabby, played with innocent aplomb by Karan Soni. Never since Travis Bickle has bonding been so effortlessly sweet yet twisted between anti-hero and protégé.
  1. Not Letting Our Favorite Songs From The Late 80’s Die. Deadpool’s respect for WHAM's "Carless Whisper" is truly something special, not to mention that the movie dusts off Salt–N-Pepa to much deserved effect. Being All Hip Hop, we had to give a holla back for that one.