2008 MissTape

AllHipHop Staff

Every year there are a ton of tracks that you hear over and

over again on the radio and blasting out of car windows. You may hate those

songs with a white-hot passion (“I Kissed a Girl”), but you still know every

word since they’re constantly being drilled into your head while you’re trying

to buy a burrito or when that girl from your office gets a call on her cell.

Even when it’s a song you like (“American Boy”), sometimes, you just need a


Luckily, those that are willing to look have plenty of great

material to enjoy at those times. Some are obscure remixes or from lesser-known

artists. Some are from people you know well, but since you never got around to

listening to their album, you only really caught the singles. Maybe they’re

more deserving of the attention than the stuff that everyone actually listened

to, but in a way, their obscurity is part of what makes them fun.

You’ve surely got your own mix, but here are ten (ish) of

the top tracks on ours.

Honorable Mention: Jackie Moon – “Love Me Sexy”

from Semi-Pro

Nobody’s gonna confuse Will Ferrell with John Legend anytime

soon but this brassy, ‘70s-style slow jam would’ve been a classic if it was an

Earth Wind & Fire single.

10. Madonna – “Ring My Bell” from Hard Candy

(Bonus Editions)

A bonus track from Madonna’s album (depending on which

version you bought), the leftover Neptunes beat is way better than any of that

bullsh*t that Timbaland gave her.

9. Erykah Badu – Honey (Seiji Remix) (12” Only)

Seiji jumps back and forth between big, broken beats and

black-hole bass on this trippy remix of Erykah’s single-turned-bonus-track.

8. Vampire Weekend – “The Kids Don’t Stand a

Chance” (Chromeo Remix) (B-Side)

Just the right amount of Chromeo’s ‘80s Pop layered on top

of Vampire Weekend’s Baroque Rock single is a fun last-minute entry for two

great bands who should be back on ‘09.

7. Raphael Saadiq – 100 Yard Dash from The Way I

See It

Saadiq executed his Motown era concept perfectly for his

album and if you slipped this in to your auntie’s record collection, you could

easily convince her it was a long-lost Smokey cut.

6. Santogold – “Get It Up” (Radioclit Remix) ft.

M.I.A. & Gorilla Zoe from the Top Ranking mixtape

Who knows how an old Gorilla Zoe verse ended up on this

otherwise new track from Santi and Maya but it’s still dope. The embrace of

Afrobeat was one of the best things to happen to American pop lately.

5. Nikka Costa – “Loving You” from Pebble to a


Long before you’d ever heard of Amy Winehouse, Nikka Costa

was injecting her modern attitude into classic R&B and she continues to do

so with this perfect cover of another slept-on classic from Johnny “Guitar”


4. Solange – “Valentine’s Day” from Sol-Angel

and the Hadley St. Dreams

A strange little love child of Diana Ross and Andre 3000

that was way better than anything Sasha sang this year – it’s time to

stop calling her “Beyoncé’s little sister.”

3. Diplo – Brew Barrymore from MadDecent.com

Diplo flips the “Mystic Brew” sample that Tribe used for

“Electric Relaxation” into something for the dance floors from Baltimore to


2. Warrior Queen – “Things Change” (12” Only)

Attention DJs: when you do that Dancehall part of your set

where you play Patra, Capleton and Chaka Demus and then blend out with B.I.G.’s

verse from “Dolly My Baby”, start throwing this somewhere in there just to mix

it up.

1. 88-Keys – Wasting My Minutes ft. KiD CuDi from

the Adam’s Care Files mixtape

A hilarious internal debate over whether of not CuDi should

leave his incredibly fine girlfriend who also happens to be as dumb as a brick

– a great pairing of one of the year’s most underrated vets with one if

it’s most promising rookies.

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