2009: Year In Review: The Rebellion

Rebellion 1 : opposition to one in authority or dominance

2 a : open, armed, and usually unsuccessful defiance of or resistance to an established government b : an instance of such defiance or resistance

Hip-Hop, at its core, is a rebellion. It is a cultural and musical rebellion that has continued to redefine just about every aspect our world across the globe. If it exists, Hip-Hop has touched it.

The insurrection has not been without its flaws and fallacies and was very evident in 2009. All was not perfect. While people focus on the genre's decline, the underground was flourishing, as it had in the 70's and 80's. This year, the spirit of rebellion manifested itself in very fundamentally positive ways.

The grotesque beauty of Hip-Hop is that it constantly rebels against itself. Jay-Z declaring war on Autotune. Eminem making his darkest album in such a "happy" climate. Soulja Boy seemingly dismissing the traditions of Hip-Hop, a move that has made him more appealing to his core. Drake considering himself a wholly independent artist that happens to be distributed by a major.

This year, the nation and the global community has felt the sting of recession, witnessed heinous crimes, but those are the conditions in which Hip-Hop was born under. And in recent years, Hip-Hop's dominance has fallen into normalcy, but that is merely a formality for the young art form. Through it all, if you are paying attention, there have been pockets of resistance that show signs of renewed independence and reality. To put it blunt, Hip-Hop is taking control of its own fate. Look no farther than Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, KRS-One, Duck Down, Detroit, the whole Southern Movement and the flourishing California underground, among a plethora of other efforts.

Hip-Hop is fighting back and the time couldn't be better.

With that, we peer back on 2009 and run down the ups , the down, the good, the bad and all that was this year. Enjoy The Rebellion!

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