2009 Year In Review: Twitter Beefs & Moments

Twitter gave the fan, the stan and the voyeur something to talk about over and over again in the year year 2009. As more and more artists jumped on, they left more and more to converse about.

The social network was used in a number of different ways. Early adopters like MC Hammer made huge strides in both the business world and networking. Mistah Fab had an underground hit song about it. Jean Grae connected with fans, allowing them to see her personality. Some artists used it solely as a promotional tool. Some used it to get their "side" of the story. Some used it as their own form of media. Others still used it for beef and humor.

However they used it, it was interesting, a bit weird and it kept the media chasing a new story. Out of all the tweets that took place, AllHipHop complied a listing of Twitter moments that stood out.

Top Twitter Beefs:

Fabolous vs Bow Wow

Charlamagne Tha God vs Marlon Wayans

Fabolous vs T-Pain‘s imposter

Noreaga vs Perez Hilton

Swizz vs Mashonda

Top Twitter Moments:

Twitter used in the Iraq war

Inauguration of Barack Obama (those that weren't there were able to get an inside look from their fans that were there)

Chris Brown vs Rihanna (everybody had an opinion)

BET Awards (which played out on Twitter)

Slaughterhouse's online campaign, executed on Twitter

Asher Roth's misguided "Nappy headed hoes" comment. He meant no harm, but it was dumb.

Detroit's hexmurda fell ill and his family, friend rallied for him ways unseen on TwitterThose are the AllHipHop Top Twitter moments. Please share yours.