5 Battle Rappers Who Made The Transition To The Booth

AllHipHop Staff

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This is a list strictly to remind us as to why we shouldn't forget nor should we discount the battle rap realm. There are battle rappers who spit the wackest of verses and get praised simply because they battled someone even less talented than were they, however most times that is not the case. 

We know that when some of you think of battle rappers, you have ideas like the example below in mind!

But thinking all battle emcees are like the Chappelle Show skit is not even fair! This is true of a few but not of the majority and some are even able to crossover and graduate to the type of booth and stage emcees that seem to get more respect. Let us be clear, having a battle background makes those artists even more well rounded and solid within their crafts! A battle emcee will still tear everyone in the room up with their verbal ability regardless of if they are battling other emcees or merely battling themselves on a verse!

Check out 5 former battle emcees that made the transition whom we enjoy in either realm. This list is in no order and by no means are these the only guys out here who have done it but we must start somewhere! That said check out the list!

Loaded Lux


Serius Jones

Soul Khan

And finally the way the song is REALLY supposed to go!


This is but a sampling of the talent that we're talking about and we know that you have favorites out there that you feel deserve to be on this type of list. So, now we're counting on you to shout them out in the comments! Who is the dopest battle emcee that you know of who is making that transition? Who do you feel we should acknowledge next? Let's discuss it!