A$AP Rocky: King of "The New Kids on the Block"


Harlem's self proclaimed "pretty mother f*cker" has taken the viral Hip-Hop game by storm as of late. Making his debut on the scene with the infectious ode to Houston screw music, "Purple Swag," A$AP Rocky immediately raised eyebrows, taking all curious minds away from a slew of fellow recent viral stars, and placing the focus on his Uptown crew - who simply like to hold each other down, get high, drink brew, and kick it.

Then, his follow-up single dropped, the even better tune, "Peso," which found its way straight to New York radio airwaves as Hot 97 quickly adopted the loose hit. His eclectic grace makes most wonder how a young Harlem cat can bust on the scene with early Houston-influenced flows, "swaggy" bars similar to Wiz Khalifa, and a brotherhood lifestyle last depicted in the early '90s on the West Coast. Fond of Old English 40's and tied up gangsta-style bandannas - A$AP Rocky is going in for the kill, and he's bringing his crew alongside with him.

AllHipHop.com spent some time with the newly-signed artist at the Polo Grounds Music offices in Manhattan. In the first part of the interview, Rocky speaks on his rumored $3 million deal, his new label, A$AP Worldwide, and what venues that book him in the future need to know after his well-publicized Fader Fort performance/debacle during October's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City:

The rapidly rising star will soon be seen touring alongside Drake and Kendrick Lamar as part of the "Club Paradise Tour." In the second part of the interview, he shares his thoughts on his tour-mates' music before he compares Drake to "the modern day Jay-Z," and Kendrick Lamar to a combination of OutKast and Nas. He then comes up with an interesting comparison for himself involving two Hip-Hop titans and one Rock 'N Roll idol:

His first mixtape, Live.Love.Asap, released for free on Halloween, mostly features in-house production and guest verses coming from the likes of Clams Casion, A$AP Ty Beats, Spaceghostpurrp, and more. Aside from being a collective of rappers and producers, "the new kids on the block," as Rocky refers to all of the A$AP crew, includes a number of "fashion n*ggas," too. In the last part of the interview, he speaks on his mixtape and the entire A$AP movement:

During the interview, Rocky also revealed that he had recently directed the music video for Fool's Gold rapper Danny Brown's new single, "Blunt After Blunt." On the set, he shared that artists like Mos Def and Kendrick Lamar made appearances, as did comedian Dave Chappelle. You can check a video of Rocky sharing some advice that Chappelle gave him here and also see and hear his thoughts on the rumored Odd Future beef here.

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