A Day In The Fastlife (DVD)

Artist: Jim JonesTitle: A Day In The Fastlife (DVD)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Brent Woodie

A true hustler can never have enough hustles. But when it comes to Harlem Diplomat Jim Jones, this statement means so much more. Holding posts as a Warner Music Exec, video director, CEO and artist, Jim Jones does not limit himself to just one title. A Day In The Fastlife (Koch Records), directed by no other than himself, proves the Dip Set movement can spread way beyond music, by showing behind-the-scenes footage of the Capo from the streets to the boardroom. Appearances by Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Young Jeezy and the rest of the Dip Set family compliment the adventurous footage of the man who calls himself One Eyed Willie.

Starting out in the streets, Jimmy shows that he will not be a prisoner of his own fame-walking among his Harlem cohorts as if he had never left the block-while making stops at Taft Houses, Kingdome basketball courts and the corner store in the process. The wild Jones we have all come to know comes out in several scenes, as he short changes his favorite Harlem clothing store for the hell of it, participates in a club brawl and steals (sort of) from a truck stop while on tour.

Showing more than just a bad boy image, Jones lets fans know he can get down to business on the DVD, convincingly playing the role of executive and leader. He fiercely rants at one unnamed magazine editor, boasting that the numbers he put up on his last effort, Harlem: Diary of A Summer, is better than the artist gracing the cover that month. He also takes time to deliver speeches at schools, and in one scene, the Capo surprisingly shed tears in a community center, while reading a personal letter at a local community center.

Fans will not be disappointed with the content in A Day In The Fastlife, because of the constant action that takes place on the DVD. With exclusive videos and music added in between the scenes, Dip Set fans will get more than just tough talk and weed smoke. This DVD proves that Jim Jones is heading more than just a movement; he is actually educating future hustlers that it is more than music.