Artist: Clan DestinedTitle: ABBRACADAMN!!!Rating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Adam Thomas

North Carolina has been abuzz on the underground scene for a long time. The most prominent example would be Little Brother, which dropped a indie classic in 2002's The Listening. Now, five years later, there is a group that is trying to match that success. Known as Clan Destined, the crew features two DJ's turned MC's AmDex and DT, both hailing from the Tar Heel state. They make their debut with ABBRACADAMN!!! (Domination/VJC), and while it doesn’t have the guile and grace that will herald Clan D as Hip-Hop saviors, there are some interesting bits that showcases their potential.

The first song that will catch your ear is "Freeze." Its soulful production covers the vocals quite well while the flows make the song just ride. The pace of "Plan B" is quick to pull you in to its ambiance. The back and forth is done pretty well, as they maintain their own style while complementing the others. "The Language" is a true showcase for their DJ skills, as it exhibits their techniques on the ones and twos; it pushes you into a relaxed mood that pulls you to listen.

The downfall of this album is that it is quite hit and miss with the song selection. There is just enough to keep you in their zone, it doesn’t quite pull you in. For every "Freeze," there is a "Bigger Fish," a song that kills the vibe, ebb and flow of the album. It is clearly a diamond in the rough factor that will at times make you question where they thought they were taking the album.

For admirers of the scratch though, you are sure to become almost instant fans. Their skills are plastered all over the CD, and add an interesting touch that is sure to make you play tracks like "The Language" over and over again. If they focus on what they are good at, which is soulful beats or an up-tempo style, and improve the sound quality a bit, their next effort could easily push that four star line. Till then, add some of the gems on your MP3.