Ace Hood: Gutta (Album Review)

Okay so you’re a new artist trying to make your mark in the game as record sales continue to plummet; strike one. You also happen to hail from the hottest state in Rap; strike two. Finally your biggest claim to fame is a cosign from DJ Khaled; strike three. That pretty much sums up how much Ace Hood has to show and prove coming into his debut Gutta (Def Jam).

The Florida rookie sets an aggressive tone with the opening “I Don’t Give A F***”. Hood showcases his trademark double time flow as he makes it clear he is not to be played with on the streets. Things get rather generic with the follower “Can’t Stop” though. Featuring Akon, this falls right into the endless abyss of crooner assisted hustler anthems.

A more indicative look at Ace’s potential lies within his first two radio singles. “Cash Flow” finds Hood alongside T-Pain and Rick Ross as they all declare their passion for paper. Hood also shows that he can break out of the tough guy exterior to show his lady love on the smoothed out “Ride”.

Additionally his true to life lyrics on “Stressin'” are sure to connect with his core audience: “My rent due and I’m stressing / Lanlord just called with a message / Said I got to be out of by the seventh / Man I’m sick and tired of this mess.”

While Ace shows some flashes of star power, the album isn’t without its share of undesirables. He balls out with “Money Ova Here”, but the uninspired call and response chorus doesn’t connect as per se Lil Wayne’s “Got Money”. Also the watered down “Call Me” featuring Lloyd and sing songy “Top Of The World” fail to close things out properly.

As the album title alludes to, Ace kept it all the way gutter; so there isn’t much of a balancing act. Hood hits you with a tsunami of guns, dope, jewels, and money throughout which actually stagnates any artistry because dude can actually rap. Overall Gutta is less we the best and more like we just okay.

Ace Hood Featuring T-Pain & Rick Ross

"Cash Flow"

Ace Hood Featuring Trey Songz