Adult Film Star Richelle Ryan Talks Hip-Hop and the Adult Film Industry

Introducing another interview this time featuring Adult Film Star Richelle Ryan.

She hails from Upstate New York and is a giants fan. In this interview she talks about Hip-Hop and life in the adult film industry and more. Check it out.

Who is Richelle Ryan and where does she come from ? How did you originally get into the porn business ?

I’m a hot blooded Italian girl from upstate Ny, I started stripping 2 months before my 18th birthday and from there it kinda lead me into enjoying females and porn then all of a sudden I was meeting with the top Agent in the Adult Industry and planning my move to Los Angeles 4 months later.

What was it like transitioning into porn ? In terms of how family and friends perceived it ? Did they know ?

It wasn’t a hard transition for me, I was stripping before I got into the Adult industry so I was always that wild child, the hardest part was transitioning from moving from a very small city to Los Angeles. My family was upset at first but now they know I make wise decisions, do smart things with my money, and am always looking at the future.

There’s been a rise of pornstars appearing in more mainstream music videos, we’ve seen Skin Diamond, Karmen Karma, Alexis Texas and many others. Why do you think pornography and Hip-Hop are making the connection together ?

Hip-Hop has always been on the rise and very popular and obviously females in the adult industry are comfortable being dressed sexy and shaking our booties not to mention it’s amazing exposure. I’m still waiting for my phone call for a rap video, this big booty needs to be showcased in one .

Musically, what are some artists or songs you’re currently listening to ? Who would be in your top 5 favourite musicians list at the moment ??

that’s a tough 1 because I LOVE music, but some of my favorite artists that come to mind who I always listen to are: Calvin Harris, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, 2Chainz and Beyonce

Have you been in any music videos ? If not would you be open to doing it ?

Of course!!! Hit me up 2Chainz, I’m ready!!!!

What is your opinion of the porn industry and the pirating of movies, being that people have access now to free content ? Does it make it harder for you to make content ?

Absolutley does!!! People aren’t going to pay for it when it’s free, same thing happened to the music Industry. You have to support people, and the companies, online websites, DVD’s. It’s pretty simple- no support = No Money and you can’t put out new product without funds Simple. Pay for your porn people!

In Hip-Hop and entertainment, more and more artists are going independent because of how the game has changed. Similar can also be seen in porn today. How much has porn really changed for you since you started ? Do you feel it’s more independent now with some girls choosing not to go with studios or agencies and instead do their own webcam shows ?

I feel that lots of girls chose to be independent because they have more control over their career versus being signed with an agency or company. I’ve seen the porn game take a huge turn since entering in 2006, Back in 2006 their were way more companies, less free porn sites…. now their are far less movies and content being put out but I feel that it’s better quality and I enjoy seeing all the girls and guys in the industry promoting new scenes and movies. In 2006 Twitter wasn’t popular yet as it is now so we didn’t have a way to reach out and connect with fans and promote ourselves.

There’s been an emergence of strip club culture now being glorified in rap music and entertainment as a whole. In the past you went to clubs to hangout, today, it’s strip clubs. What’s your take on that ? Why do you feel that’s happening today ?

Were in a day in age now where social media has taken over our lives…. Every where you go people are Instagramming, Facebook, Twitter, Snap- Chatting and whatever else, Now it’s the cool thing to do to be out in the strip club, making it rain, popping bottles with a gang of sexy girls. We’ve become more open as a society accepting all walks of life… Big booty woman, Transgenders, Fitness models and the Gay/Lesbian community. As a feature Entertainer who is booked in strip clubs 2-3 weekends out of every month I see lots of people coming into the strip clubs just to hang out and party. I think it’s great!

Moving more into the personal life a little… Does your work ever conflict with your personal life, like with dating and so forth ?

I have been single for about 6 years now, I pretty much have sworn off dating until I’m retired from the Adult Industry. Most men are intimidated by what I do and I can understand that, plus I’d rather be single mingle it’s waaay more fun!

If you weren’t doing porn what would you be doing ? Or in a past lifetime what or who do you think you would have been ?

I would be a yoga instructor

What are 5 things about you people would be surprised to know ?

I’m very boring
I’m obsessed with coconut oil, I use it on everything and everywhere on my body and around my house
I”m terrified of underground parking
I take a bubble bath every night
I have never used Uber

Any crazy stories of fans approaching or noticing you in public ?

My fans are pretty cool, I get recognized a lot in the gym probably because I’m always there hahaha I’m surprised I get recognized there because I’m completely plain jane with no makeup on or anything.
The craziest place I got recognized was when my grandma was in the hospital and I went to visit here and the doctor approached me outside of her room and said he was a fan, thank god he didn’t say anything in front of my grandma, she might have had a heart attack right there in the hospital hahaha

What are some ambitions you have for yourself in the future ? What does Richelle have coming up next ?

I still plan on shooting tons of filth for everyone around the world to watch, continue Feature Dancing around the country and meeting my fans, and someday hopefully you will see me covering sporting events and getting paid to talk football

Finally, thanks for taking the time with us for this interview !! Anything else you want to say or share or shout out ?? Where can people find Richelle Ryan or see more of you ?

Shoutout to all my fans for the love and support over the years- I love you all!
Check me out on Twitter @RICHELLERYAN My personal website: