AHH Album Review - Jeezy: Seen It All: The Autobiography

Vance Brinkley

Wow, it's been a while since the last time we've heard something from Young Jeezy. The Atlanta rapper may have released a couple of mixtapes in the past years, including the popular Its Tha World series. However, Jeezy's last album, TM103: Hustlerz Ambition was released three years ago and it didn't receive as much praise as his past projects. Also, time has truly shown the changes for Jeezy and his ventures. Not only has the rapper became an endorser for Avion Tequila, and he's also cut ties with former CTE associate Freddie Gibbs, which has leading to several diss songs, lies, and plain hate between the two rappers. These are just a few of the plethora of changes that Young Jeezy has experienced over his three year album hiatus, and his newest album Seen It All: The Biography shows that he has changed with the times, but the sound still remain to be as original as his most acclaimed projects.

If you've listened to Young Jeezy's past projects, you know that his beats has to be as gritty as the hood shit he talks about, and the same formula fits Seen It All. The production crew behind the project features a mixture of producers, from his older albums to the newer faces in the game. Drumma Boy and Don Cannon are producers who has worked with Jeezy for the early Thug Motivation series, while Childish Major and Cardo are newer faces. The beats in Seen it All may be from numerous producers with different sounds, yet they all fit in with Jeezy's style. "Beautiful", a song featuring Rick Ross and The Game, includes a a Cortex-sampled beat produced by Black Metaphor. Jeezy adds his aggressive raps to the smooth beat to create a perfect balance. The production was a standout factor of Seen It All, the explosive track "1/4 Block" to start out the album in an aggressive way.

Young Jeezy's lyrics game was solid in Seen It All, but this is where the album starts to show some of its flaws. Jeezy winds up talking about the same thing throughout the album. If it isn't about the materials he have, like in "Beautiful" or "Me Ok", he's talking about life in the trap or bad chicks. This is not bad, it's the flashy-yet gutter raps that we have been used to (ad-libs included). However, a lot of the songs don't stick to you as much as previous projects. "Holy Ghost" does switch the vibe up in regards to what Jeezy is rapping. The song sounds like a response to all of the negative attention he's been getting from Freddie Gibb. But, just like Jeezy's seen it all, we've heard it all.

The flow of Seen It All is very familiar to more of Jeezy's mix tapes. He doesn't have much of a concept to his latest album, just a set track list, with a good number of songs that will stand keep it in replay. His featured artists include A1 artists, like Jay Z, Future, Rick Ross, and The Game. Jeezy also brings in Akon for "Been Getting Money", another artist who worked him in the Thug Motivation series.

Seen It All: The Autobiography is a project that hits hard without much of a though process needed. Jeezy's aggressive beats, trap rhymes, and signature ad-libs creates a sound that shows his progress album wise, but still has the play through like a mixtape. However, there are still some good songs worth checking out.