AHH YEAR IN REVIEW: Who Took The Biggest "L" In '08

AllHipHop Staff

When you look at all the events that occurred throughout the entire calendar of 2008, it is clear this year will go down in the books. From a social and political vantage point, we have the biggest presidential election in history with a man of color winning.

On a music note, we had Lil Wayne selling a million units with the release of Tha Carter 3. But in the midst of these and other great highs, people were taking losses left and right.

The Republican Party tasted spicy defeat with Barack ethering McCain and with George W. and the flying hard bottoms. Outside of catching the ever looming brick, some rappers had it real tough.

Dudes got sucker punched, others got their jewelry yapped, and some even got hit with serious jail time. With that said we asked who truly took the biggest “L” in 2008. While the answers might vary, it is clear the ominous “L” strikes in various shapes and forms and nobody is safe.

Kardinal Offishal: All my ex-girlfriends, non-believers and all around bitch made n****s took the biggest "L" in 2008!

Black Milk: John McCain, and that’s all I need to say about that.

?uestlove: All the people whom I talked on the phone to on the campaign trail who showed their blatant ignorance to the idea of "an Arab running my country"

Joe Budden: Come on you got to ask that? Well Yung Berg had a bad year. He had a rough ’08 [laughs]. That’s not even funny. I’m laughing as to feel bad for him. It started out really really funny, like a punchline and a diss but as the year went on I started to feel bad for him.

Sheek Louch: [laughs] I don’t know son.

Mick Boogie: I think a lot of the one-hit wonders took a big hit in ‘08; as opposed to ‘07 when it was the year of the corny, dance single. It seemed this year that tapered down a little bit; which is great.

Charles Hamilton: Yung Berg; just an overall L for him.

Corey Gunz: [laughs] I’m trying to keep things positive. I don’t know how even know how to answer that question right now.

Alchemist: Who took the biggest L? Man, this is my boy but maybe it’s Nelly? It could be LL as well. And these are people I look up to; these are Hip-Hop legends.

Paul Wall: O.J. First he wrote a book hypothetically snitching on himself. Then he got caught stealing his own sh*t. Now he moved to a six by six luxurious box for the next fifteen years. Damn.

Shawty Lo: The American people took the biggest loss in '08. It's a recession going on and a lot of people are out here suffering. You got people that want to work and provide for their families but can't because they've lost their jobs, lost their houses, transportation gone, it's rough.

D Nice: I’m not afraid to answer this because I’m a DJ and I have to be honest. Nelly is my man, but I think he definitely caught a brick. I don’t know if it was his fault, maybe it was the timing. Timing is everything, but that album caught a bad one especially from coming off selling so many millions of records.

That’s serious brick. It may be a tie with LL though, because that Exit 13 was a brick too. And the thing is crazy with LL, the record he had with The Dream (“Baby”) wasn’t a bad record.

Chamillionaire: Jesse Jackson not knowing that camera was still rolling, that Sarah Palin interview, and OJ Simpson's tears are all tied for third place. Any Republican that claims to be racist would have to be in second place for the biggest loss because not only did a Democrat win the race for Presidency, but "that one's" race happened top be African American.

The number one loss has to be whoever invented auto-tune. Homey should have purchased a copyright, some instructional booklets, and some licensing agreements because he would be richer than Bill Gates right now.

Killer Mike: Honestly I think Remy [Martin]. Free Remy and free Shyne! She was poised to be a female force 4 real. Whether n****s want to acknowledge or not she had a crazy mix tape, some dope viral videos and a whole Remy Ma Campaign. The Court hitting her with time took a mother, a wife, hold your head Pap, and a dope ass Rapper. Honorable mention also to my home girl Da Brat. Stay Up.

Juelz Santana: Dam who took the biggest L? I don’t even know. I’ll axe that one out. If I had an answer I would say it, but I don’t even know.

Slim Thug: I don’t know man. I’m not going to say Yung Berg because anyone can get robbed. That ain’t sh*t. If a n**** got a gun or something, there’s not much you can do. I don’t give a f*** who you are.