#AHHPowerfulWomen: Universal Hip-Hop Museum’s Renee Foster Reminds Us To Win Each and Every Day


Renee Foster is a nimble results-driven public relations and marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in performing arts, entertainment and currently new media.

by Antonice J. - @MsJalene_

(AllHipHop Features)

Experienced in developing comprehensive communication strategies and event solutions that advance goals and improves efficiencies is her forte. A creative communicator well versed in consumer behaviors, trend spotting, and cultural marketing, with specific attention to tone, messaging and outcomes is her strength. She is a former lifestyle magazine writer/editor, and is adept in event planning as well as content creation. As an influencer, it is her passion to shape conversations, amplify the positive impact of technology on a changing multicultural landscape that have an impact on communities and culture. Her mission statement is: “Winning hearts and minds, one at a time.” As the current Chair of Fundraising and Development for the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Ms. Renee Foster truly has a passion and values the culture that is Hip-Hop. With the opening of the Universal Hip Hop Museum around the corner, it was great to catch a moment or her time to connect about her work and her motivations to continue to embrace her power.

AllHipHop: Explain what your job entails:

Renee Foster: I’m responsible for capital campaigns that raise funds for the creation of the future Universal Hip Hop Museum in addition to developing strategic alliances with the arts/entertainment, business, and academic communities.

AllHipHop: What’s the most enjoyable part of the job and your duties:

Renee Foster: What I enjoy most is celebrating the legacy and impact of Hip Hop culture with others that feel as passionately about it as I do. It’s even better when that passion is coupled with financial support for our mission to create the next great museum in NYC.

AllHipHop: What is the hardest part:

Renee Foster: The hardest part is bringing about a consensus when there are lots of opinions. It requires the ability to listen carefully, a willingness to address all concerns and to diplomatically forge agreements that satisfy a mutually agreed upon goal.

AllHipHop: Can you describe a moment of adversity personal and in your career?

Renee Foster: There were times early in my career when I was insecure and my confidence in my abilities wasn’t what it should have been. I realize now, that this is a fact of maturity or a lack thereof. There are decisions I made then, that I would not make now. And I’d be a bit less cautious and a lot braver. It takes a lot of personal growth to self-assess and to acknowledge these facts.

AllHipHop: What keeps you from giving up?

Renee Foster: I’m too intellectually curious to not engage in the world around me. The reality that Hip Hop has become the predominant youth culture worldwide and the fact that we are 3-4 generations deep into it and still growing. It excites me.

AllHipHop: Who inspired you to become a leader or boss?

Renee Foster: I’ve had the opportunity to observe a lot of women lead as bosses. Some have mentored me and I’ve had the honor of working with some of them. Their successes have inspired me to take on new challenges and always set new goals for myself professionally.

AllHipHop: How do you balance work and personal life?

Renee Foster: I make it a point to give myself some quiet time. I’m never too busy that I can’t check in with family. And I prepare and share Sunday dinner with friends & neighbors potluck style on a fairly regular basis. These simple things give me balance and keep me connected to people that I care about and that love me.

AllHipHop: What do you like to do for fun?

Renee Foster: Traveling is my jam! I love exploring new cities, new cultures & cuisines. I also love to escape to the movies preferably alone, whenever I can. It’s usually an independent, foreign or art house film. And I want to be anywhere where skilled musicians are playing live music!

AllHipHop: Please provide what it means to you to be a powerful and influential woman in the urban music and hip-hop industry.

Renee Foster: To me, it means that I get to be the “keeper of the flame.” All too often women’s contributions to arts and entertainment are ignored, erased or invalidated. Our efforts behind the scenes have built careers that have made millions for others. By continuing to do the work that I love, there’s a young woman or girl somewhere that will be inspired by the example I’ve set.

AllHipHop: Final Thoughts or words of advice?

Renee Foster: Surround yourself with people you respect and admire. Don’t allow yourself to become jaded or cynical, it will drain all the joy out of living. Above all else, be grateful that you have yet another chance to win each and every day.