#AHHPowerWomen: Meosha A. Davis Offers A Triangle Offense Of Entertainment

Meosha A. Davis is coming at the game from every angle imaginable.

(AllHipHop Features) Meosha A. Davis is a shape shifter of sorts. Getting her start in journalism, "Mimi" has steadfastly ascended by approaching the entertainment gave from a variety of angles. These days, she is acting and producing content for TV, most recently The Lineup (2018), but continues to make business moves with her company, The Affluent Agency. AA has boasted the luminescent likes of Idris Elba, Lincoln Motor Company, DeSean Jackson, X-Box, Stephen A. Smith, Monster Products and others as clients. AA touts, "Our number one priority and commitment is therefore to offer, at all times, a world class service to all our clients through marketing, branding, product placement, event planning, and all aspects of lifestyle and entertainment."

Get more familiar with Meosha A. Davis, who is steadfastly creating a whole universe, one planet, star and moon at a time.

AllHipHop: We have seen you rise from early on, here at AllHipHop. Talk a bit about your rise and where you see yourself going.

Meosha A. Davis: I started my journey in journalism, and from there I continued to build. I've always had a passion for writing and always loved music. I just didn't know at what capacity I wanted to work in entertainment. I just knew I wanted to write and be around music. I tried my hand at every aspect possible. I've been a stylist, creative director, publicist, manager, and even a nanny for celebrities. I was willing to do the work to rise to what I felt was "making it", but writing has always and will always be my first love. This business is mostly who you know, and who knows you, so word of mouth helped me prosper and get consistent work. I see myself being the most sought out writer, director, and producer in the next 2 years.

AllHipHop: Do you ever tell people about AllHipHop's place in your journey? Just wondering!

Meosha A. Davis: All the time! I am grateful for having the opportunity to write for one of the most respected and top sites. You guys believed in me and trusted me to represent your brand on video sets and in interviews, and for that I am forever grateful!

AllHipHop: But seriously, you are deep into the Los Angeles and Hollywood circuit. How is that life for vs primarily in music?

Meosha A. Davis: Hollywood is a totally different beast than music. Even if you aren't an "actor" you have to act and play the game. There are a lot of fake smiles, and let's do lunch and dinner's that never actually happen. Also people who you feel are in position, really don't have the power they portray to have. It's just like High school all over again, and everyone is in cliques, you just have to be apart of the right circle. If you are lucky enough, you meet like minded people who genuinely want to see you prosper. Music is similar in ways, but I feel in music popularity is more praised than actual talent. In Hollywood either you have it, or you don't.

AllHipHop: Who are some of your clients and what is the special touch that you offer at The Affluent Agency?

Meosha A. Davis: I've actually taken a step back from being so hands on at The Affluent Agency to focus on my personal career in television and film. I was blessed to work with some dope people and brands from: Idris Elba, DeSean Jackson, Stephen A. Smith, X-Box, Lincoln Motor Company, Monster Products, Lance Stephenson, Belvedere, Trent Richardson, Converse, Rasual Butler (RIP), Rico Gathers, and many others. The Affluent Agency also produced several events for great causes including Marshawn Lynch's Family First Foundation, and the Lupus Foundation which aired on National TV. The Affluent Agency's special touch was that we treated every client as if they were A-List, even if they were unknown. We made our client's feel like family, not just a paycheck.

AllHipHop: Is there another level for you with your career and your company?

Meosha A. Davis: Yes, I always said I won't stop until I'm on a yacht in Cannes discussing my next film with Stephen Spielberg, but seriously I just want to be a new voice for women and people of color in film/television to tell the stories no one has. I also plan on turning The Affluent Agency into a production company as well.

AllHipHop: What’s the most enjoyable part of the job and your duties?

Meosha A. Davis: Being able to assist in making others dreams come true is a feeling I can't put into words. To know that what the public see's, I orchestrated behind the scenes is powerful. Also being able to have total creative control of my vision and to have it trusted is priceless. I love the fact that I'm able to travel, and be in the same rooms with people I grew up watching. The free clothes, trips, and shoes is also a plus.

AllHipHop: What is the hardest part?

Meosha A. Davis: The hardest part in the beginning of starting The Affluent Agency was being taken seriously. I had to compete with larger agencies and agents who were more established. So I worked for free for a lot of clients just to prove myself. It was hard seeing certain people hire white publicist with less experience, paying them and trusting them just because they were white but wanting the "hook up" and Free 99 from me. I got to a point where I said if you can't see my worth, then you aren't a client I need on my roster. On the Film/TV side, just dealing with some men in power is hard. They will try you to see if you are weak.

AllHipHop: Can you describe a moment of adversity personal and in your career?

Meosha A. Davis: Too many to mention! Personally just realizing that no one owes me anything, and I can't expect everyone to have pure intentions, even when I do. In my career I had an incident where I trusted someone to handle business on an event we were producing until I flew in. The day of the event literally hours before it was supposed to start, I found out that the person I trusted lied, and never but a deposit on the venue. I thought my career was over because so many big names had RSVP'D and I had no venue, and this was my first major event. I prayed and cried, and cried some more. Then I received a call from a person I call my guardian angel. Crying hysterically I told them what happened. The said hold on and called me back 5 minutes later. They had a better venue for me, free of charge. So I did damage control and had my assistant send out emails saying venue change due to capacity issues. The event was a great turnout and no one ever knew what happened just hours before. Now I'm very picky about who I allow close to me, and who I do business with.

AllHipHop: What keeps you from giving up?

Meosha A. Davis: The fear of failure. I have a certain vision of the life I deserve to live, and I refuse to give up until I achieve that, even then, I won't stop because it has to be maintained.

AllHipHop: Who inspired you to become a leader?

Meosha A. Davis: My grandmother. I saw how she came from nothing, very little education, and literally worked her way to owning houses, land, and a business. She showed me that anything is possible with hard work, and how to be a boss.

AllHipHop: How do you balance work, and personal life?

Meosha A. Davis: It's all about time management. Sundays are my "me" days where I do nothing but things for myself and relax. I don't answer phone calls or texts unless they are emergencies. I literally unplug from the matrix.

AllHipHop: What do you like to do for fun?

Meosha A. Davis: I love going to the movies, especially matinee's. I also started trying new restaurants every other weekend, that's my new thing. I'm pretty low key outside of what I do.

AllHipHop: Final words?

Meosha A. Davis: I just hope to inspire the world with my testimony and through my work, and let whoever wants to get into this business know you can make it. No matter who doesn't believe, support, tells you to get a "real" job, tells you to go back to school, calls you crazy, or doesn't help you, as long as you believe in yourself, and never stop, you will be successful. Thank you for this opportunity!