Alandon Scorches With The Dancehall Infused "1980"

Though Connecticut is likely the last place you'd think of when discussing dancehall, behind the scenes the state boasts one of the largest Jamaican communities. Now Hartford native Alandon is looking to put the "Constitution State" on the map for Caribbean music and he just might be able to pull it off.

First heard on LA radio during a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball broadcast, Alandon's "1980i" has been quietly making waves thanks to its infectious fusion of old-school bubbling (or "dancing") styles. Directed by Smokestack Recordings, the visuals were shot over two days in Hartford, Connecticut.

"What inspired me to make this song is I always wanted to have a record for the ladies just to dance to. Once I found the melody, the lyrics came very easy. The man who I really give the credit to, is the man behind the drums and all of the other instruments you hear on the track, my producer Trackstarr aka TSMG, made the song what it is now," he explains.

He added, "Trackstarr structured the song totally different from how I recorded it. I wrote the lyrics and magic was created. What made this video so interesting are the different locations and the dancers. Respect to Blacka Di Danca and his whole team, the dancers added the finishing touch to the video!"

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