ALBUM REVIEW: Anthony Hamilton - The Point of It All

AllHipHop Staff

Quite possibly one of

the most slept on vocalists of the past ten years, Anthony Hamilton is a guy

who makes music from the heart for the heart. With his two official studio albums

(Comin’ From Where I’m From and Ain’t Nobody

Worryin’) offering a vintage outlook with a new age twist,

soul music found a new hero,.

While there have been

tasters in the form of Soulife and Southern Comfort,

the anticipation for another official Anthony Hamilton LP has been enough to

send the real soul heads off to rehab. Well it’s time to draft up the release

papers for those incarcerated because The Point Of It All (Sony/So So Def)is

here and is as close to perfection as today’s ungratefully hard-to-please

audience will allow.

On “The News,” an

inspirational piano lick is absorbed by an overtly funky drum riff, giving an

up close and personal education on some ill street blues. Immediately following

this darkened gem is the David Banner featured “Cool.” While not actually

produced by the Mississippi mad man, his feel-good bars compliment Hamilton’s

sincere attempt at informing his lady that as long as she’s cool, nothing can

put a dampener on their relationship.

Slowing things down,

“Diamond In The Rough”, with its heart-warming hook, is actually a diamond in a

jewelry store; there are no surprises here. The contents of The Point Of It

All are of the highest quality so there’s no reason to

look hard for a gem. “Soul’s On Fire” has an epic build-up in a musically

cinematic kind of way. Hamilton’s painful lyrics—depicting him having

difficulty breathing because his soul is on fire – embeds a play-by-play

set of image stills in your brain.

There really was no need

to worry about Hamilton delivering the goods because even his unofficial

releases hold more credibility and swagger than most other artists’ official

releases. Just be sure to pick this up for your lady this Christmas and

guaranteed she’ll be thanking you until the next.