ALBUM REVIEW: Michelle Williams - Unexpected

While the curse that seems to haunt the

females that surround Beyonce was seemingly lifted by Solange’s sophomore

effort, the “other” Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams picked a good time

to conjure up her first mainstream project. Instead of continuing with

Gospel releases, Michelle tackled the world of Club/Dance with

Unexpected. Maybe in an effort to stay out of Beyonce’s way completely,

the Euro-pop album is less Nelly Furtado and more Kylie Minogue. 

Vocally, Michelle has always demonstrated

greater skills than fellow group member Kelly. Here, she shows spurts

of that vocal superiority in the ballads “The Greatest,” “Too

Young For Love,” and “Stop This Car.” In others (“Till The End

of the World,” “Private Party”) she gets by on focusing on the

beat without and a lot of Auto-Tune.

What makes the album as a whole a bit

hard to grasp is that Michelle doesn’t have a voice built for this

particular Pop sub-genre. “Her voice would have been easy to overlook

if those club tempo songs were crafted particularly well but they are

only memorable after numerous listens.

The issues may go beyond her voice to

the core of the project as it may be hard for some to party to music

from someone who has recorded two gospel albums and the standout moments

still lie in her slow tracks. In terms of a Destiny’s Child solo effort,

though, Michelle came out over Beyonce’s other back-up singer by actually

crafting a memorable project, even if it takes a couple of listens to

sink in.