ALBUM REVIEW: Xrabit + DMG$: Hello World

AllHipHop Staff

Forget everything you heard at last weekend's house party because Xrabit + DMG$'s debut album, Hello World (Big Dada Records), just made things a lot more interesting. DMG$, The Texas MC duo of Trak Bully and Coool Dundee, link up with UK producer Xrabit on Hello World for some heavy experimenting, and the results are often catchy, and an overall enjoyable experience.

From the start, Trak Bully and Coool Dundee pop things off with “Damaged Goods” inviting everyone to lean with them. Over Xrabit’s pounding beat, Trak reminds everyone, “I’m so dope call me Amy Winehouse’s piss test.” Don’t worry, these MCs know exactly how cool they are and without fail and “Ferris Bueller” is their show off statement. “That’s why your baby loves me / More for my grind than what’s on my feet / But those on my feet are so unique; I am the total package.”

Lyrically, DMG$’s flow is a combination of their own personal brand of snark with a sense of humor similar to an early Fresh Prince. Combined with Xrabit’s avant garde production, the complete sound is a throwback to old-school fun.

“Are We Friends” will have you thinking you just walked into 80’s night while Coool Dundee’ deep Southern vocals creates a trance. “One kiss from Mary Jane surely puts me in another lane / Far away from all you lames / Ecstasy kills these diamond rings / So I'm touching orgasms and I'm tasting love / My whole damn body feels like a latex glove.” Trak quickly snaps out of it on “Trak’s Promise” as he keeps his words and brings his chill manner to the dance floor.

Hello World from beginning to end is an introduction into a world of absolute coolness. Whether or not any of us are worthy of their presence, Xrabit + DMG$ extend the invite to all who want to have some fun.

Xrabit & DMG$

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