Alfamega: Displaced Loyalty and Revenge

Atlanta rapper Alfamega has experienced some rough times since published his criminal record, which revealed that he served as an informant in a drug case, to have time shaven 18 months shaved off a prison 110 month sentence for selling guns. Since the news broke, his one-time ally T.I. kicked him out of Grand Hustle via a prewritten statement read over Hot 107.9’s airwaves in May of 2009.

Alfamega, born Cedric Zellars, learned of the news from his prison cell, also a high profile incident with Atlanta police just a week before, which left the rapper with a shattered ankle as he allegedly attempted to flee from police, who eventually charged him with possession of a .40 caliber handgun.

As if that were not enough, on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2009), Alfamega’s children were beaten and stabbed inside of Club Crucial, a club co-owned by rapper T.I. caught up with Alfamega to discuss the incident, his relationship with T.I. and his plans for the future, which include a tell all book. So I heard you said “2010 was going to be crazy” and it seems to have started that way. What happened with your kids?

Alfamega: I don’t know how you got that, but that’s basically what I said at first. That s**t was going to get real f**ked up and wild, until I had a talk with Tip’s uncle Derrick, the one who co-owns Club Crucial. It was told to me when I confronted him like ‘what happened up there, my daughter got stabbed up there.’ He was basically like ‘oh s**t, I didn’t know that.’ no one basically knew, the people they got into it with that it was my children. What lead to the altercation inside the club?

Alfamega: It was something that kicked off. I was told that my children wasn’t in the wrong. They said your daughter tried to leave out of the club and gather up her friends to leave. Then the girls and the dudes attacked her and stabbed her. My son jumped in because he was trying to help his sister and someone hit him from the blind side? Why were your son and daughter even in Club Crucial given the history that exists between you and T.I.?

Alfamega: I got a name in the street. I don’t care who’s who. No disrespect to TIP, but I got a name in the streets of Atlanta before TIP, before rapping. My children don’t have anything to with what I do. My children go anywhere they please to go, this is the United States of America man. They can basically go anywhere they want to go. They chose to go there to party, they got there all the time. Aint nobody gonna bar them from going no where. I have a history with Derrick, Tip’s uncle. So I reached out to him on the personal tip. He called the guys who run the crew they got into it with and them guys didn’t know it was my children either. They were shocked and remorseful. And I told them the only reason I am going to give them a pass is because they didn’t know. I don’t want to take it there because I got a little situation and I’m just glad that my children are still living. How are they both doing?

Alfamega: They are doing better, she’s out of the hospital, they are doing better. Is anyone going to be charged or was anyone arrested?

Alfamega: I heard someone was arrested, Tip’s uncle told my children’s uncle what happened and let him see the tape. I found out about it late, days later. I basically straight up told the dudes, I gave them my word there wouldn’t be any street retaliation behind it, even though there’s others that don’t feel the same way I do that’s around me. But at the end of the day it’s all about what I want to do. It’s a new year. In a nutshell they didn’t know. I would look at it different if they knew it was my children. And I don’t wish that upon nobodies children. So where are things standing with your case? I’m just sitting back waiting to see what’s going on. That’s all I been doing, taking it easy. How’s your recovery coming, I know you busted up your legs.

Alfamega: It’s coming along well, I am walking on crutches and I still got a brace on one leg, but I am up walking around on the crutches. I’m not in the wheel chair anymore. How has that impacted your career, in terms of getting back and forth from the recording studio?

Alfamega: I been in the studio a little bit. I went in and talked to certain people in the industry I am still cool with, they want me to do something. I been writing my book though, that’s all I been doing. What’s the book about?

Alfamega: It’s about my life, everything that happened, giving it real, the whole scenario of what went down with the court stuff, the guy [drug dealer Ali Baager], me and Tip and everything. The name of the book is titled Displaced Loyalty and Revenge. How far into the book are you? Alfamega: About the sixth chapter. Any offers yet?

Alfamega: There are a few people looking at it. But this aint really about the book. This here is about my children. So are you on a hiatus from recording?

Alfamega: Nah they gonna hear me come out with something in a minute, but the only thing I am working on a the moment is Displaced Loyalty and Revenge. Tell them to stop the violence. If I’m staying stop the violence, then it’s time to stop the violence, because I am not the one to give passes.