AllHipHop Chart Watch: Eminem Holds On, Mos Def Returns

AllHipHop Staff

We’re back with the weekly chart watch. This week’s top ten is once again light on Hip-Hop with only one artist really showing up (Spoiler Alert: It’s Eminem). However, there are some highly anticipated new releases that are sure to give the people something to listen to so keep reading.

To start things off the Dave Matthews band debuts its new album, a tribute to fallen band member LeRoi Moore. Big Whiskeyand the GrooGrux King enters the chart at number 1.

Eminem holds on to the second spot as Relapse moves another 142,000 records. He’s almost platinum so next week should push him over the edge.

311 enters the top ten at number 3 with Uplifter followed by Green Day which holds strong at number four with 21st Century Breakdown. Then there are a bunch of others like Hannah Montana that Hip-Hop's not so concerned with.

Lady Gaga ticks another minute off of her 15 with her album The Fame at number 8.

Finally country music holds down the end with Kenny Chesney’s Greatest Hits II at number 9 and Taylor Swift’s Fearless at number 10. I still say you’re not a greatest hit if you don’t make volume one. Now we move on to the important stuff.


This week has some highly anticipated releases from Hip Hop veterans. Like I said last week, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and some mom and pop

We’ll start the list of with a group who started in underground Hip-Hop, added a pop singer, and now make some kind of Pop-Hop hybrid (emphasis on pop). The Black Eyed Peas drop their fifth studio album The E.N.D (short for "energy never dies"). Will.I.Am describes the new album as “electric, static funk…or something like that.” If you like the single “Boom Boom Pow” (or anything by Flo Rida) you may like the album. There’s also a deluxe version so if you like them look out for that one.

Moving on we have Mos Def who releases his fourth album The Ecstatic on the heels of his 2006 record True Magic. Now True Magic received good ratings but the album was released in a clear case with no cover art and, at Mos Def’s request, was not promoted. Well at least this album has cover art. Let’s hope it gets promoted so that more fans can hear Mos over beats by J.Dilla, Madlib, and Chad Hugo. Plus he has Talib Kweli and the storyteller himself, Slick Rick.

Those fans looking for West Coast music need look no further than BlaQKout released by DJ Quik and Kurupt. The album is completely produced by DJ Quik and hopefully will satisfy fans looking for more of the Left sound.

For a different type of West Coast sound you may want to take a look at Los Angeles Busdriver who drops 8th studio album Jhelli Bean.

We then move from the funk and soul of the sunshine state to the grit of the rotten apple. D-Block drops their new album No Security which, judging from the title, should be more of the hardcore eastcoast music that fans love to hear.

A borough over, Harlem rapper Fred Money releases Money Rules Tha World. His older brother is J.R. Writer so you kind of know what the sound is going to be like. If you’re a fan of the Dipset/Harlem style you may like this one.

Staying in the north, Minneapolis M.C and Rhymesayers representative Toki Wright releases his album A Different Mirror.

Heading down south, Pastor Troy releases his…16th?...yeah, 16th studio album. He let you know he was ready with his 1999 release We Ready: I Declare War and apparently he still is with his 2009 release Ready For War. Ten years and 16 albums is impressive. I don’t know what war he’s getting ready for but let’s just say the man likes to be real prepared.

Let’s see if a few of these artists get on the charts for next week.