AllHipHop ChartWatch: 50 Cent's Numbers Are IN! Bill Cosby Competes With Birdman!

AllHipHop Staff

AllHipHop ChartWatch for November 25, 2009

The moment of truth is here for 50 Cent. He got a favorable review in AllHipHop's review section, but all eyes are on the SoundScan right now.

The Top 10 doesn’t have a lot of Hip-Hop on it but we do have a new entry. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson enters the charts at in the fifth slot with his latest album Before I Self Destruct. The

queens MC managed to sell about 160,000 copies of his fourth disc which, to date, is

the lowest sales the rapper has produced. 

The reviews for the album have been mixed but I will say that the movie

that comes with it is not bad. In fact

it’s pretty good. 50 has already come

forward and said that the album leaked from an international plant which is not

hard to believe. The album was

everywhere…but is that the reason for the low sales? What do ya’ll think? Nevertheless, this is a hater's wet dream! The next question is how does an MC that has

always spent a lot of time focusing on numbers (especially the numbers of

rappers he doesn’t like) deal with the fact that his latest album hasn’t put up

good numbers. I hope its go back to the

studio (hungry) and put out another album. 

We’ll see.


up are the Black Eyed Peas who sell 32,000 copies of The E.N.D and grab the 27th They are followed by Jay-Z and his eleventh

studio album The Blueprint 3. The disc takes the 32nd spot

selling 29,000 copies. spot.


it for the week so onto the new albums.


This Week

First up

this week is Birdman. Now you know that

he’s not the best rapper. You know

it. I know it. Hell, he knows it. He does, however, know how to put together an

album with a lot of good rappers. His

new album Pricele$$ features Drake,

Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, T-Pain, Bun-B, Mack Maine, Gucci Mayne, Flo Rida, Rick

Ross, Lil Kim, and Nikki Minaj. Some of those

guests are on the bonus edition of the cd so look out for that one. Hey, he got Nikki and Kim on a song together…I

wonder what that song will be about? 

This is pretty much a compilation album so if you like Young Money you’ll

probably want to check this one out.

The next "artist" has (somehow)

become a controversial figure in Hip Hop. 

Every time he says something it’s sure to get a lot of commentary in

chat rooms, message boards, barber shops, beauty salons, and dorm rooms across

the country. That’s right. 

The one and only dangerous MC. 

Bill Cosby. Ok, he’s not an MC…but

he is coming out with an album. Bill Cosby

Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency

is the comedian/activist’s latest venture to reach the Hip Hop community. It features three rappers, Jace the Great, Brother Hahz and Supa Nova Slom,

with production by Ced-Gee of the Ultramagnetic MC’s and William

Patterson. You might not know Patterson

but you know his music. The producer had

done work on everything from the Cosby show to albums by Alicia Keys and LL

Cool J. I respect what Cosby is trying

to do but I do know one thing – The music better be good. Positive…negative…in between…no one listens

unless it’s good. People listen to Talib

Kweli and 50 Cent for one reason – they like the music. If the music is not good the point will never

get across. We’ll see if Bill gets his

point out.

The Boot

Camp Clik is releasing is releasing Triple

Threat which is essentially a collection of the three discs: Sean Price’s Monkey Barz, 9th Wonder &

Buckshot’s Chemistry, and Smif N

Wessun’s Reloaded. All three of the albums have received some

decent reviews and have been out for awhile. 

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to any of them then now’s your

chance because all three are being sold for the price of one.


MC Wiz Khalifa has left Warner Bros. and is now releasing his second album Deal or No Deal. The album only has a few features so for the

most part it’s an “all Khalifa” affair. Fans

of his first album Show and Prove

should be looking out for this one.

Who owns Death

Row Records now? Seems like every week

they are changing owners. Either way the

label is putting out a four disc box set that features artists from the label’s

beginning, like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, to its most recent, including Crooked I

and Petey Pablo. (Ya’ll forgot Petey Pablo was on Tha Row, huh?). The set also has a DVD as well as unreleased

material from Death Row artists.

That’s it

for this week. Pick up and album or

two----you know what? Pick up four. An album or four. Get someone up on these charts.