AllHiphop ChartWatch: B.O.B. IS ON TOP!

ChartWatch for May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo! You know what that means…the radio is going resurrect

reggaeton for the day. If you’re a fan…enjoy

it. Go celebrate. Hit a bar and have a drink….and if you’re a

fan of rap take an extra shot because a Hip Hop artist finally made it to

number one on the charts. Granted a lot

of it was due to the one song that I hate on his album but congratulations

should go out to B.o.B for grabbing the number one spot this week. The

Adventures of Bobby Ray sells 83,747 copies with the success of its first

single “Nothing on You.” If you haven’t

had a chance to listen to this album then do yourself a favor and pick it up

because it has a little something for everyone.

Next up is The Black Eyed Peas and their

latest album, The E.N.D which sells another 19,836 copies and moves up two

spots to 15. Will.I.Am may have gotten

roasted by the Boondocks (D***riding for Obama may be the Black Eyed Peas best

song yet) but I’m sure he’s got some solid gold Kleenex he can cry into. Either that or he was laughing at the episode

while watching a solid gold flatscreen. 

I don’t know what he’s doing but I imagine some solid gold is

involved. What I want to know is where

did 19,000 people come from that hadn’t bought this album? Where do these people come from? Let’s move on because I’m starting to rant.


Ludacris drops two spots, from 18 to 20, selling 17,393 copies of his

latest album, Battle of the Sexes.

He was in “Dropping” last week and makes

it onto the charts this week. Daddy

Yankee enters the charts with his ninth studio album, Daddy Yankee Mundial. The

latin rapper sells 12,349 copies and takes the 33rd spot. 

Finally, Lil Wayne and his rock

experiment, Rebirth, continue to sell

records, proving that once you get popular enough your fans will buy

anything. Somehow a rapper…who can’t

play the guitar…or any musical instrument that I know of…managed to sell

another 11,381 copies…of a rock album…and take the number 35 spot. Dude actually moved up five spots from number

40 last week and all he had to do was hold a guitar. Let this be a lesson to you aspiring artist

out there. I don’t know what that lesson

is but I’m sure there’s one there somewhere.



It came out last week. It wasn’t in the top ten

this week…but it shoulda been. Honestly

I was ready to put B.o.B on here because I know how ya’ll are about buying

music (especially when its good music), but he took the top spot this week. That means shoulda been actually happened

this week and we don’t even have to worry about it. I guess if you want me to just say an

artist….ummmm…..Daddy Yankee. He was on

the charts but I guess he should have been in the top ten. Maybe…? 

Yeah, that works. On to “Dropping”.

Dropping This WeekFirst up is Memphis duo Eightball & MJG. I didn’t even know they were coming out with

an album but the southern rap pioneers drop their 11th studio album,

Ten Toes Down, this week. This is their first album since being

released from Bad Boy and signing to Grand Hustle. The album will feature Young Dro, Bun B,

Soulja Boy, Lil Boosie, David Banner, Slim Thug, and, of course, T.I. I can’t even see how this could

disappoint. I mean…I said that about the

last album but I didn’t really believe it. 

If anybody has listen to Eightball & MJG or heard them and T.I

together then you should know that his album won’t disappoint. Pick it up. 

Next up is Miami’s own Trina who releases her fifth studio album

Amazin’. Go take a look at her album covers and you

can see that Trina has come a long way since Da Baddest Bitch. On her

debut album she looked like a nurse that might give you syphilis and now she

looks like Beyonce’s best friend…without syphilis…I’m assuming. Trina’s last album rated well but never

really picked up in sales so this time the rapper returns with an arsenal of

guests. The new disc features Diddy,

Kerry Hilson, Shonie, Lady Saw, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Git Fresh, Monica, Lil

Wayne, Rick Ross, Lyfe Jennings, and Kalenna of Dirty Money (not the girl you

know from Danity Kane…the other one). Trina says fans can expect versatility on

this one so fans might want to give it a listen.

Next up is a group I thought I would never get tired of hearing

until I got tired of hearing them. I

haven’t bought one of their albums in a minute but it’s good to see them still

doing their thing. Bone Thugs N Harmony

return with their eighth studio album, Uni-5. The album features a few rappers that only

the most die hard Bone Thugs fan would know anything about but what is more

important is that all five members are on this album. Bone Thugs is really like a family, where at

least one member is fighting everyone else (Bizzy), one member is missing for

whatever reason (Flesh), and one tries to keep it all together (Krazyie?), but

they meet once a year for the family reunion. 

True fans should be happy that this finally happened and go pick up an

album with the complete Bone Thugs N Harmony.

That’s it for Dropping this Week and ChartWatch. Go pick up an album or two and we’ll see who

makes it next week.