AllHiphop ChartWatch: B.O.B. Takes A Dip, Trina, Bone Thugs Hits Charts


for May 12, 2010


DeVaughn Douglas

Hip Hop

was riding high last week with B.o.B finally helping the genre grab the


one spot. But that was last week. 

This week B.o.B takes a significant (and let’s

face it, expected in this sales climate) drop from number one to number


selling 35,009 copies of his debut The

Adventures of Bobby Ray. While that

is a pretty big fall B.o.B still manages to be the top Hip Hop artist


week. I guess that means this week Hip

Hop should celebrate the release of Gucci Mane…right? Ok,

you might not want to celebrate the return

of Gucci (you hater you) but Hip Hop did have some success this week. Artists that dropped last week might not have

made the top ten, but they managed to make it into the top fifty.


first new artist to enter the charts this week is Trina whose latest

album, Amazin’, sells 33,053 copies and takes

the thirteenth spot. She was in “Dropping”

last week and this week she comes closer than a lot of other hip Hop

artists to

breaking the top ten.

The next

group was also in “Dropping” last week and sold a lot better than people

expected in this musical climate. Bone

Thugs-N-Harmony latest album, Uni-5: The World’s Enemy, sold 28,271 copies and enters

the charts at number 16 spot this week. 

This album actually had everyone from the whole group and maybe


stay together long enough to enjoy some success. (If

success is splitting the sales of 28,000

copies 5 ways. Maybe Bizzy and Krayzie

have the right idea when it comes to going solo.)


Black Eyed Peas drop from the fifteenth spot last week to number twenty


this week. The Hip-Pop group sold 22,986

copies of their latest album The E.N.D. I

wouldn’t make to much of this drop in sales

because this album will never die. Maybe

the people looking for the hidden messages and Illuminati in Jay-Z and


songs should take a look at this album because it was obviously forged


some type of black magic. (And no I’m not

a member of the Illuminati trying to throw you off of Jay-Z’s trail. I’m not. 

I’m really not. You believe me right? 

Good. Now skip down to the next

paragraph. Pssst….Jay….They fell for

it. The Roc flies where the crow

lands. On to the next one. On

to the next one.)

Next up

is Ludacris whose latest album, Battle of

the Sexes, is still hanging on to the charts. This

week the Atlanta rapper sells 19,066

copies and stands at the 33rd spot.

Then we

have Tennessee’s own 8Ball & MJG and their new album Ten

Toe Down. The duo manages to sell 16,073 copies and takes the

number 36 spot.


we have Daddy Yankee. The international

artist was at the 33rd spot when he entered the charts but

takes a

dip in sales this week. His latest

offering, Daddy Yankee Mundial, sells

11,393 copies and takes the 49th position.

Shoulda Been

There is

only one album that I believe should have been in the top 10 and that

album is

Ten Toes Down. 8Ball & MJG

should have sold way more

than 16,000 copies on talent alone. 

(Shout out to the 16,000 fans out there. 

And to the other 50 or 60,000 fans that just downloaded the


disrespectful mutha*$&%*. But really…it’s

8Ball & MJG. C’mon!)

Dropping This Week


isn’t anything really dropping this week but save your money (or get

ready to

download) because the summer should start heating up. In

the upcoming weeks we should be getting

the Nas & Damian Marley colabo plus albums from MF Grimm, Talib

Kweli &

Hi-Tek, Necro, The Digital Underground (yes, Digital “I once got busy in


Burger King Bathroom” Underground. That Digital Underground), Yukmouth,


Lil Jon, Rhymefest, Travie McCoy, Plies, Young Jeezy, Game, Joel Ortiz,


Eminem, Chamillionaire, Drake, Marco Polo, Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Three 6


and more.


it for ChartWatch this week. Go pick up

and album (like Ten Toes Down).