AllHiphop ChartWatch: Badu Moves Units, and Ursh Tops Charts

ChartWatch for April 7, 2010 It’s

R&B week in the top ten. Ordinarily

I don’t included R&B acts in the charts because this is a Hip Hop site but

there’s not a lot of Hip Hop on the charts so here we go. At number one this week is Usher with Raymond vs. Raymond. The A-town crooner (that’s a word I don’t get

to use often) sells 346,000 copies of his comeback album because of successful singles

like “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)”, “Lil Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj, and “Papers.”


up is the recently controversial Erykah Badu. 

But c’mon…was it really that controversial? It’s Erykah Badu. She’s an artist that’s kind of known for

being out there. This is the same woman

that dated Common, Andre 3000, and Jay (when’s the album coming out?)

Electronica (and after seeing her video I don’t blame them…at all). Well, good

music is good music, and 112,000 people purchased New Amerykah, Part Two (Return of the Ankh) pushing it to number

four this week.


up is Monica who drops from two to six selling 80,000 copies of her latest

album Still Standing.


means the only representative for Hip Hop in the top ten is...drum roll please…The

Black Eyed Peas. This week the group

sells another 43,000 copies of their hit album The E.N.D which I just refuse to believe. Are you telling me that there are 43,000

people out there that haven’t purchased this album? Forty-three thousand? I

think everyone on the face of the earth has this album. When new mothers are leaving the hospital the

nurses hand them their baby…and a copy of The

E.N.D. Immigrants entering the

country get a green card…and a copy of The

E.N.D. Its written into the

healthcare bill that insurance companies can’t discriminate against people with

preexisting conditions…and all new patients must get a copy of The E.N.D. I don’t even listen to this group but I checked

my ipod the other day and guess what was there? The E.N.D. The Peas hold the

ten spot this week and I’m sure another 50,000 people will discover this album

next week.


beyond the top ten we have Ludacris who falls from six to eleven but still

manages to sell 39,900 copies of his latest, Battle of the Sexes.


is followed by Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon with their collaborative album

Wu Massacre (that’s right...they

almost made the top ten). The trio sells

39,600 copies this week and claims the number 12 spot.


Wayne was number twenty last week. He’s

number twenty this week. His rock experiment,

Rebirth, moves another 25,000 units and is followed by

his label Young Money. The group album, We Are Young Money, drops from

thirty-four to thirty-nine selling 14,000 copies.


This Week

She's the kind of girl you think about in bedB****** Betty givin' real good h***B*** a l*** n**, r**** n** in her jawS**** on her cheeks is all ya sawShe could b*** more h*** than a whale blows waterB******* Betty make your d*** get h*****


Todd “Too Short” Shaw B****** Betty

Quoting Too Short seemed

like a much better idea when I started out but, as you can see above, the

veteran MC isn’t the cleanest lyrically. 

That still hasn’t stopped him from becoming a commercially viable artist

given that Shaw has been releasing full length albums since 1980. This week the Oakland MC releases his 19th

studio album, Still Blowin. There is never too much to say about a Too

Short album. If you like him then you

already know what the album is about so pick up a copy.

Next up is, arguably, the

hardest working man in Hip Hop this year. 

Madlib is on schedule to release 12 Beat Konducta mixtapes, has already

done some work with the likes of Strong Arm Steady and Guilty Simpson, and now

releases another jazz album under the moniker Young Jazz Rebels. His first jazz album for this year was

released under the name The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion

Ensemble and titled Miles Away. This new album is called slave riot so if you’re into Madlib then pick it up.


it for the week. Pick up an album or