AllHipHop ChartWatch: Black Eyed Peas, Luda and Cypress Hill Linger On Charts

AllHipHop ChartWatch for April 28, 2010No Hip Hop in the top 10 but there is

Usher. He’s kind of Hip Hop. Well not

really but he’s got some rapper’s on his album. 

This week Raymond vs Raymond

comes in at number five and sells 51,000 copies.

Moving beyond the top ten we have the

Black Eyed Peas whose latest album, The

E.N.D, sells another 21,000 copies and grabs the number 17 spot.

They are followed by Ludacris who holds

the number 18 spot. This week the

Atlanta rapper moves another 20,000 copies of his seventh studio album, Battle of the Sexes.

The next group was in “Dropping” last

week and this week they claim the 22nd spot. Cypress Hill come back to the music world

after a brief hiatus and sells 17,000 copies of their latest, Rise Up.

Finally Lil Wayne’s attempt at rock

music is still (amazingly) selling. This

week the New Orleans rapper moves another 11,000 copies of Rebirth and grabs the number 40 spot.



It came out last week. It wasn’t in the top ten this week…but it

shoulda been. This week it’s Devin the

Dude. This artist has been grinding out

of Houston since the mid-nineties (15 of those years with Rap-A-Lot.) After coming out with the Odd Squad the

rapper went solo and has since released six studio albums. Devin has worked with some notable Hip Hop

figures including Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Scarface, De La Soul, Nas, 8Ball, Andre

3000, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and Bun B just to name a few. His last album is titled Suite 420 and, in typical Devin the Dude fashion, features the MC

rapping and singing about wine, weed, and women in his humorous, narrative

flow. It’s not in the top ten for this shoulda been.


This Week

First up this week in Dropping is

someone that should have been in the column last week. I got Devin the Dude, Cypress Hill, and

Little Brother but I forgot Kurrupt. 

Last week the westcoast MC release Streetlights,

his sixth studio album. The new disc features

appearances from Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, DJ Drama, DJ Quick, Tone, Problem, and

Terrace Martin. Thanks to Bertofab

(Don’t know what that means or stands for but I’m sure it makes sense) for

pointing it out in the comments section. 

One thing’s for sure…Kurrupt, Little Brother, Devin the Dude, and

Cypress Hill have a strong fan base and they will let you know if you’re


The first artist dropping this week is from outside the United

States. Anita Tijoux was born in France

while her family was exiled due to the political climate in Chile. Upon returning to her home country Tijoux joined

a series of Hip Hop groups throughout the late nineties. Since then Tijoux has won a string of awards

throughout the international community but is relatively unknown in the

U.S. She is now releasing her fifth solo

record titled 1977. This album is said to be inspired by her

childhood in France and an ode to the 90’s Hip Hop that inspired her during her

teen years in Chile. I know that U.S.

fans aren’t big on hearing international Hip Hop albums but with artist like

K-OS dropping solid albums maybe listeners should give Anita Tijoux a chance.

Staying in that international vein is

another Latin American artist with a little more U.S. notoriety. Now, I’m not a big fan of reggaeton so I

pretty much had my radio switched off a couple of years ago, but I will give

credit where it is due...this next artist has a strong fan base. Daddy Yankee has carved out a huge niche

worldwide, a significant portion of which comes from the U.S. This week he releases his ninth studio album,

Daddy Yankee Mundial, which

translated means Daddy Yankee Worldwide. 

This album is said by Yankee to be a mixture of a few musical styles

including raggaeton, soca, and bachata. 

It was supposed to come out around this time last year so fans should be

really happy to see it finally coming out this week.

Next up is a highly anticipated artist

amongst Hip Hop fans and artists alike. 

Coming out of Atlanta is B.o.B and his debut album, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He, along with Wale, Asher Roth Drake, and

Kid Cudi are some of the artist thought to be the new class of Hip Hop. B.o.B produced close to half of his debut

album which features Bruno Mars, Lupe Fiasco, Hayley Williams, T.I., Janelle

Monae, River Cuomo, Eminem and Ricco Barrino. 

That eclectic list of feature artists should give fans a little preview

of how the album will feel. I haven’t

liked every B.o.B song (I want to punch my radio every time I hear “Nothin’ on

You”) but I do appreciate the diversity he brings to the game. Like the artist in today’s “Shoulda Been”

section B.o.B sings, raps, produces, and plays multiple instruments. Don’t be like me and let that first single

fool you…if you want to know about B.o.B take a listen to some of his mixtapes

and then go pick up The Adventures of

Bobby Ray.

It’s an international kind of day so

let’s hop across the pond and take a look at Ty with his latest album Special Kind of Fool. The London born rapper has released three

albums previously and worked with the likes of Estelle, De La Soul, Speech,

Zion I and Basement Jaxx.

So that’s the charts and the albums

dropping this week. Go out there and

pick up an album.