AllHipHop ChartWatch: Black Eyed Peas Saving Hip-Hop?

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Judging from the comments on last week’s article I know that the fans out there are either devastated or overjoyed about the numbers put up by Slaughter House. I myself liked the album (once I finally found it in a store) and think it was a good first effort from the group. Sadly (Yeah, I’m biased…I like Slaughter House) they didn’t make the countdown this week. As a matter of fact, there is only one “Hip Hop group” on the top ten for the week of August 26, 2009 (Guess who it is?). So here’s the top 10.

Once again a country music star claims the number one spot. Reba McEntire’s Keep On Loving You sits at number one this week. Since we are on country music you might as well know that George Strait’s Twang is at number three.

The late, great King of Pop holds two spots on the countdown this week. His albums, Michael Jackson’s Number Ones and The Essential Michael Jackson, each hold the second and ninth spot, respectively.

At the number four spot is Third Eye Blind with their latest album Ursa Major followed by Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night at number at number five.

Coming up at number six is the only spot of Hip Hop on the countdown for this week. I’ve had issues with this group but they continue to hold onto the charts and break records. The Black Eyed Peas sell 40,000 copies of their latest studio album The E.N.D and stay on the countdown for the twentieth consecutive week. Their single “Boom Boom Pow” has held position on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart breaking the records of artist like Elvis, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

Following the record breakers is the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack. Your kids…I mean, I know you love them…are really messing up the radio.

Rounding out the top ten are Neil Diamond at number eight with Hot August Night/NYC and Taylor Swift at ten with Fearless.

Moving beyond the top ten we have Fabolous whose latest album Loso’s Way moves 17,700 units and holds the number 24 spot. He is followed by Eminem whose latest studio album, Relapse, sells 17,500 copies and holds the number 27 position.

So there you have it. That’s the top ten for the week. Onto the new albums.So...Are the Black Eyed Peas saving Hip-Hop by staying on top for so long?

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Dropping this Week

First up we have an artist out of South Carolina. Lil Ru drops his Def Jam debut 21 & Up. I don’t know too much about Lil Ru except for the fact he’s at Def Jam and he has a single titled “The Nasty Song”. If you know anything about him (or you just happen to be nasty) let us know something (about Lil Ru…not about your nastiness).

Next up, coming out of Memphis, is Lil’ Wyte with his latest album The Bad Influence. The last time I saw Lil’ Wyte he was on that Three 6 Mafia reality show, Adventures in Hollyhood. If you’re a fan of Three 6 or just Memphis in general then you should look out for this album.

Coming out of Los Angels is Mr. Capone-E with his latest album, Diary of a G. (G’s keep diaries?....nevermind) The album features Snoop Dog, Mr. Criminal, and Lucky Luciano. It’s a Westcoast album so if you like their sound then pick it up.

The next group comes out of New Orleans and use to have a long running feud with Cash Money. (Really they had a beef with the rap group UNLV and since I haven’t heard from UNLV in about…a decade or two…I’m assuming the beef is over. You never know). Partners-N-Crime drop their ninth studio album We Are Legends. If you’re a fan of the New Orleans bounce scene then you’ll probably already know about this album.

Last up we have a new one from Queen Latifah. Now I am pretty sure that most of you are like me and had no idea Queen Latifah was still recording music (I like the movies), let alone dropping an album. Her latest is called Persona and features Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blidge, Jadakiss, Pharrell, and Marsha Ambrosius. Now she says it’s about half rap and half singing so if your into the Queen the pick it up.

That’s the albums dropping this week so go out, hit a store, buy and album.