AllHipHop ChartWatch:Bleak Week With Big Hopes In Rae & Jay

AllHipHop Staff


That’s the only word for the week in Hip Hop. I’ll put it to you

this way…The charts start of with Colbie Caillat at number one and

end with Taylor Swift at the ten spot. Somewhere in the there

the Black Eyed Peas make the only representation for Hip Hop (Although

according to the poll last week 75% of you guys think they are pop.)

Things aren’t that bad though. We have new music in “Dropping

This Week” and of course Only Built for Cuban Linx II and Blueprint

3 will be here shortly. Something tells me that some of you are

listening to some of Jigga and Rae’s songs already. For those

select few I have two things to say – 1. The RIAA frowns on you from

above and 2. How are the albums? (But for real, be careful

because the RIAA is suing everyone and their Grandma. The last

girl that fought owes $675,000…for 30 songs). So let’s run

through this horrible week in music and hopefully the next few should

be more promising.


charts go Colbie Caillat, Miley Cyrus, Skillet (yes Skillet), Michael

Jackson, Kings of Leon, Imogen Heap, Reba Mcentire, George Strait, Black

Eyed Peas, and Taylor Swift. That’s the chart from one to ten.

Does anybody want me to go through and talk about who each of these

people are and what their albums are about? Anybody? You

sure? Cool, you guys are just making my job a lot easier.

(For those fans that read each week and know that we throw some of the

hip hop that made it in the top 50 don’t be mad. I didn’t forget

you. Eminem is at number 32 with Relapse selling another

16,400 copies. That is followed by Fabolous at number 33 with

his latest album, Loso’s Way. He moved 15,000 copies

this last week.) On to “Dropping.”



up we have a compilation by Definitive Jux. Definitive Jux

Presents, vol 4 features songs by Aesop Rock, El-P, Cage, and Rob

Sonic just to name a few. If you know anything about Definitive

Jux then you know they are constantly pushing musical bounds.

You may like on song and hate the next but you can never deny the creativity

that is being put out by the label. In typical underground Hip

Hop fashion the album is being released on vinyl as well so DJ’s and

record aficionados can appreciate the music in their preferred form.


up is a new one from out of Philly. Beanie Sigel releases The

Broad Street Bully. Now, it’s not with Roc Nation or State

Property but it does have a lot of familiar faces. The album features

Omilio Sparks, Freeway, Young Chris, and Murda Mil. Beanie Sigel

has put out some quality albums in the past so f you’re a fan you

should be looking out for this one.

It’s been almost two decades since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony came onto

the scene (Faces of Death came out around 1991 before you guys

start leaving comments saying their first album was in ’94) and one

of its more controversial members is dropping an album. Bizzy

Bone has been in and out of the group over the years but his shaky status

hasn’t affected his work output. His latest album, Thug Pound,

is his fourteenth studio album. (Fourteenth! I knew he had

released a few but not that many). As if that wasn’t enough,

the album is a collaborative effort between the Bone Thug MC and Dog

Pound rapper Bad Azz. (Get it? Bone Thug. Dog Pound.

Thug Pound. Moving on). Both of these artists have a cult

following but it should be interesting to see how their sounds will

mesh together on a full album. Be on the lookout for this one.

Speaking of artists with a cult following, The Insane Clown Posse comes

out with a new one this week. Their latest album is called

Bang! Pow! Boom! If you are a fan then you should already know about

this group. I only really know about them in connection to their

beef with Eminem. I don’t think I have to tell their fans to

pick this one up.


up we have an artist who, in my opinion, is seriously underrated.

Atlanta representative Killer Mike returns with his latest Underground

Atlanta and it is everything the title states. The double

disc album showcases Killer Mike, OJ da Juiceman, S.L. Jones, Rich Kids,

Trillville and a few of the Atlanta’s other underground representatives.

Killer Mike’s Plede Alligence to the Grind series was solid

so fans should probably plan on picking this one up.


up is “Mr. 305.” Pitbull drops his latest album Rebelution.

The album features Akon, B.O.B, and the man that helped to bring Pitbull

to the music world, Lil Jon. The Miami rapper is known for his

fast paced sound so fans should already know what kind of album he is

delivering. His single has been moving on the charts for awhile

now so hopefully that should boost his album sales.


does it for this week. Next week….Jay-Z….Raekwon….well see.