AllHipHop ChartWatch: Eminem Breaks Platinum, Drake's Steady & The Dream Lags

ChartWatch for July 7, 2010

Eminem continues his dominance on the charts this week

selling 325,098 copies of his seventh studio album, Recovery. The Detroit MC,

once again, takes the number one spot and manages to crack a million, with his

total sales now standing at 1,078,968. A

million in 2 weeks? Em is putting up

Susan Boyle numbers. Look at what

happens when you ditch the weird accent and put out a good album.

Coming in at a respectable second is Drake who remains in

the same spot as he was last week. His

debut album, Thank Me Later, sells

104,829 copies bringing his total sales to 724,269. Keep this up and in a week or two he might go

moose which is platinum in Canada. (I

just made that s*#% up so please don’t go repeating it in conversation like you

learned something new.)

Because he just entered the charts…..and because he’s in the

top ten….and because he’s married to Christina Milan….I’m putting The Dream on

the ChartWatch. Terius Youngdell Nash

(real name) drops his third album, Love

King, grabs the number four spot, and sells 58,920 copies.

The Roots fall out of the top ten, from six to seventeen,

and move 18,474 copies of their latest, How

I Got Over. So far the Philly

representatives have sold 67,794 copies. 

(If you haven’t had a chance LISTEN to this album. It’s more than worth it).

B.o.B jumps up four spots landing at 22 with his debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. This week the Atlanta MC sells 15,647 copies

and total sales for his debut album are at 260,005.

The Black Eyed Peas move another 14,787 copies of their

gargantuan album The E.N.D. At this point the Hip Pop group has sold

enough albums to buy a couple of small countries. And people say the recording industry is

dead. The Peas have the formula. One producer + one below average singer and

you can sell gazillions (wait…I almost forgot to add the two forgettable

dancers?…rappers?...guys with funny names?...I mean, you don’t need them but

they can make hand movements in the background while your producer and average

singer are performing).

Ludacris moves up one spot, from 47 to 46, selling 7,992

copies of Battle of the Sexes. So far Luda has sold 445,093 of his seventh

studio album.

Nas and Damian Marley move another 7,167 of their critically

acclaimed album Distant Relatives bringing their total sales to 136,226. This week the duo claims the number 48 spot.

Plies’ Goon Affiliated lands at the 49th spot

selling 7,039 copies and bringing the Florida rappers total sales to 92,556.

Lastly, Lil Wayne’s “rock” experiment, Rebirth, climbs back

into the top 50 claiming the 50th spot and selling 7,038 copies.

Dropping This Week

We have two artists dropping this week coming from Atlanta

and New Orleans. First up Is Antwon

Andre Patton, Sr better known as Big Boi aka Daddy Fat Stacks aka Luscious Left

Foot aka Billy Ocean aka Francis the Savanna Chitlin Pimp drops his first solo

album since coming out with Outkast a little over a decade ago. The Atlanta MC drops Sir Lucious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty this week, an album

that has been delayed for what seems like forever. Fans of Big Boi and Outkast should be ready

to pick this one up.

Finally we have New Orleans native, Juvenile, who releases

his 10th studio album, Beast

Mode. The album features Verse Simmons, Juvy Jr. (Juvenile's son), and Cape. I haven’t heard to much about this but fans

of Juvenile and the Hot boys should be pleased.

That’s it for

ChartWatch. We’ll see what charts next