AllHiphop ChartWatch: Eminem Stays King! Drakee Eases To Plat! Rick Ross Hits Charts!

ChartWatch for July

21, 2010Once again it’s the ChartWatch. We give you the album sales in rap music for

the previous week and let you know some of the new Hip Hop dropping this

week. We start this week off with an

artist that’s been number one for the last three weeks and this week is no

different. Eminem continues his reign on

the top of the charts selling 194,072 of his seventh studio album, Recovery. The album has sold a total of 1,502,566

copies to date. Yo Em! Now that you’ve

recovered why don’t you go across the hall and help out 50?

He is followed by Drake, who has managed to keep the number

two spot since Eminem hit the charts, but this week falls to number three. The Canadian MC moves another 48,635 copies

of his debut, Thank Me Later. So far Drake has sold 846,042 copies of his official

entrance into the music world. I was

thinking this album would hit platinum sooner but it’s making good progress.

Now the next artist was the third highest selling Hip Hop

artist last week and this week is the same…sort of. Last week Big Boi held the number three spot

but this week he drops to number 15. Sir Luscious Left Foot the Son of Chico

Dusty sells 24,081 copies bringing the albums total two week sales to

83,124. This isn’t what fans expect from

an artist like Big Boi but the way this album was handled (sitting on the shelf

for three years, leaking out a couple of singles with no push, blocking

Andre3000 from being on the album, and where the hell is the song “Royal Flush”?…..)

couldn’t have helped sales.

Next we have The Black Eyed Peas whose latest album The E.N.D moves up one spot to number

23. This week the album move 15,590

bringing the total sales to 2,654,806. I

clown the Black Eyed Peas each time I have to write about them but this time

I’ll give them the week off.

The Hip Pop group is followed by Atlanta rapper B.o.B whose

debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray,

has been slowly (but surely) maintaining its burn on the charts. This week the album falls five spots to

number 30 selling 12,583 copies. So far

B.o.B’s total sales are 285,944.

The Root’s latest album, How

I Got Over, comes in at number 38 this week selling 10,744 and bringing the

albums total sales to 91,141. It seems

like the general consensus is that the band makes money off of touring so low

album sales aren’t that bad. Make no

mistake though, this is a good album. I

think I’ve been saying this since the album came out so I’ll lay off before

someone says I’m working for the Roots or something.

Finally, New Orleans MC Curren$y enters the charts with his

latest album, Pilot Talk. The album takes the 48th spot and

sells 8,848 copies. Not the best sales

wise for the first artists off the newly launched Roc-A-Fella records but the

album is solid. Curren$y fans won’t be disappointed

listening to this one.

Dropping This Week

People, by nature, are fickle when in large groups. They can love you one moment and hate you the

next. If you have any doubts of this

asks Mel Gibson…or Michael Vick…or Hilary Clinton… or Ja Rule….or Lebron James….and,

if he doesn’t put out a good album soon, 50 Cent (no hate….just honesty….and

please don’t tell me Before I Self

Destruct was a classic. I heard

it. It’s not.). Like Method Man says “You’re only as good as

your last hit.” So you put out a hit or

do well in your profession and all of a sudden people start to like you

again. If you have any doubts of this

asks Tiger Woods….or Kobe Bryant….or Lebron James (next year after Miami

destroys the league)…or 50 Cent (next year when he gets hungry and drops a good

album). This brings us to the artist

dropping this week… Rick Ross. Somehow…someway…this guy is still making

music. His new album is called Teflon Don because nothing seems to

stick to this dude. He just keeps

rapping. It’s like rapping is his answer

to all of life’s problems. You drop your

first album and most fans say you can’t rap. 

What do you do? Keep

rapping. Exposed as a former

correctional officer even though your raps are about being a major drug kingpin? Keep rapping. 

Beef with 50Cent? Keep rapping. 

Baby momma put on internet in a porno? 

Keep rapping. Kids and other baby

momma put on the internet hanging with 50 Cent, your public tormentor? Keep

rapping. The original Rick Ross sues you

for taking his name? Keep rapping? Spoiled, talentless grandchild of the

original Teflon Don calls you out in the public for stealing family name? I think you get the picture. That brings us to today. Rick Ross drops his fourth album featuring

Jay-Z, John Legend, Cee-Lo, T.I., Jadakiss, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Ne-Yo,

Trey Songz, Diddy, Gucci Mane, Styles P, Drake, Chrisette Michele, and Raphael

Saadiq. If you like Ross this album is apparently

already a classic, and if you hate Ross it is apparently the worst album on the

face of the earth. My guess is it’s

somewhere in between. I don’t know what

the big deal about Rick is but he seems to get attention (positive and

negative). We’ll see if that attention

garners some sales.Read the review for Rick Ross' Teflon Don, click here.