AllHipHop ChartWatch for June 9, 2009

The charts have been dismal. Let’s face it…they still are. But there have been some slight to significant jumps from Hip Hop and Hip Hop inspired artists this week.First up this week is Usher whose latest album, Raymond vs Raymond, continues to put up numbers. This week the ATL singer stays at the number five position and sells 34,565 copies of his ode to a divorce.He was number 17 last week, but this week B.o.B moves up four spots on the charts with his debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. The rapper, from the same town as the artist at number five, manages to sell 19,310 records. B.o.B entered the charts a few weeks ago at number one and, even though album sales are as low as they ever have been, he has managed to get a slow sales burn for his latest disc. The energy never dies and neither does this album. The Black Eyed Peas latest album, The E.N.D, moves up two spots to number nineteen and moves 17,556 copies.Following them at number twenty is the dynamic duo Nas & Damian Marley with their Hip Hop/Reggae hybrid Distant Relatives. The critically praised album sells 16,967 copies this week.Ludacris moves up one spot, from thirty to twenty nine, with his single-heavy album Battle of the Sexes. The Hip Hop entrepreneur moves 11,736 copies of his latest release this week.I normally don’t include R&B acts beyond the top ten in this column but we have two artists that made it on the charts this week that weren’t even in the top fifty last week. First is Erykah Badu whose latest venture, New Amerykah, Part Two, claims the number thirty seven spot by selling 9,119 copies. Then we have newcomer, Janelle Monae, and her debut album, The Archandroid. The eclectic singer takes the number 45 position and sells 8,025 copies this week.Finally, in terms of Hip Hop, we have (ironically) a Hip Hop artist that released a non-Hip Hop album. Lil Wayne’s rock inspired album, Rebirth, jumps from 49 to 43 and sells 8,266 copies.Dropping This WeekIt has been pretty dead in this section for the last few weeks but now we are starting to get a few releases. First up is an artist that is either loved or vilified by the Hip Hop community. Somehow this guy just continues to put out albums. South Florida’s own Plies drops his latest album Goon Affiliated. I don’t know if that title means he’s not a goon but he just knows a few, or if he is part of a conglomerate of goons. I already feel like I have wasted enough brain power on it so If you like Plies then go pick up a copy.Then, coming out of Chicago, we have Rhymefest. His debut has critically acclaimed but received lackluster sales. To be honest, this will probably do the same, but the dude puts out some decent music. His new album, El Che, feature EL, Little Brother, and Darien Brockington to name a few.Some of you may know this next artist, and some of you will be looking at your screen wondering “Who the F*&$ is Travie McCoy?” Well, for starters he’s the rapping front man for the rock group Gym Class Heroes. (I Know….I know…”Who the F*&# are the Gym Class Heroes?” Google mutha*@#^!$. Google). This week he steps out of the group and goes solo with his debut, Lazarus. Some of the artists featured on the album are T Pain, Bruno Mars(dude that sings on that B.o.B song), and Josh Abraham. He raps and he’s alternative. That might actually put up some numbers. We’ll see.I know a lot of people watched the Hip Hop Honors this past week wondering where this next artist has been hiding. (Although, I’m sure some of you were just happy that there wasn’t any yelling on the track.) Is crunk dead? I don’t know. (I’m lying..the answer is a definitive yes.) The question is what does an artist that defined a genre a music do when people no longer listen to that form or style of music. Ladies and gentleman….Lil Jon presents….Crunk Rock. I’ll let you guys be the judge on this one.West Coast underground artist Chali 2na returns this week with his latest Fish Market Part 2. The MC teamed up with DJ Dez Andres from Slum Village so fans of West coast Hip Hop (and Hip Hop in general) might want to give this one a listen.You only live once, right? Not according to MF Grimm who releases You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel. Fans of artists like Doom or Grimm are already familiar with the music (which is an acquired taste. I like it but I know it ain’t for everyone) and probably already knew this album was coming out. For those out there looking to hear something different, this might be the album for you to hear.Well that’s it for the ChartWatch this week. We’ll see if what makes it onto the charts next time.