AllHipHop Chartwatch: How Will Perez Beef Affect Black Eyed Peas' Sales?

AllHipHop Staff

Chart Watch June 24, 2009

We’re back with the weekly charts. This weeks charts are led by a trio hailing from the tri-state area that have taken the music world by storm.

But, before we get into that group, lets note that The Black Eyed Peas album The E.N.D drops down a position to number two. The now-controversial crew still pushed another148,000 units. We’ll need to wait until next week to see how the fight with Perez Hilton will affect sales. Will.I.Am and the read of the BEP needs to be careful or they’ll lose that suburban/pop fan base they’ve been working on for the last few albums. Beef with Perez Hilton. I can honestly say I never saw that coming.


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Now back to that chart-topping crew from the New York area….No it’s not the Beastie Boys. The Jonas Brothers enter the charts at number one with Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. They pushed an impressive 255K. Since we’re already talking about Disney, The Hanna Montana soundtrack is at number seven. Blame those two on the kiddie crowd. (I know the Beastie Boys line was corny but I’m trying to throw some Hip-Hop in here some kind of way. Plus I should get some kind of credit for making the ridiculous comparison of the Beastie Boys to the Jonas Brothers.)

The Dave Matthews Band holds the third spot with BigWhiskey and the GrooGrux King. It’s Dave so you know his fans are going to keep them on the charts for awhile.

Eminem looms at the number four spot with his album Relapse. Did you hear about the guy that says he killed his family a few days ago because of Eminem lyrics? Well after a few reports and the automatic “let’s ban Marshall Mathers response,” it turns out it wasn’t even Eminem lyrics. Wow, it really is like 2002 all over again.

I really like this next band but I hate when people call them a Hip-Hop band because they, at one time, had a DJ. Incubus enters the charts with their compilation album Monuments and Melodies claiming the number five spot.

Lady Gaga. Number Six. The Fame. At this point if I say anything negative about her it’s just hate.

Chickenfoot’s self titled debut claims the number eight spot followed by Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown.

Finally, Taylor Swift’s Fearless, claws its way back onto the charts to hold the number ten spot. I don’t listen to her but I do think it’s pretty impressive that this album came out in November and is still holding onto chart positions.

It should be noted that Tom Morello and conscious rapper Boots Riley’s indie release Street Sweeper Social Club hit the charts at number 38. Also Def Jam’s Chrisette Michele and Interscope’s Keri Hilson saw significant chart movement upward, even though their albums have been out for some time.

All in all not the best week for Hip-Hop. The real winners on the chart this week – Interscope and Disney.


To quote one of the comments on the page from the previous chart watch, last week was a “weak week” for Hip-Hop. Luckily there are some artists dropping this week that always bring quality music to the forefront.

These two individuals have been releasing consistent material that keeps their core fan base listening. Dead Prez add the third installment of their Turn Off The Radio mixtape series with Pulse of the People. and M-1 go green on this new album with the packaging being made of 30% recycled paper, 100% recycled plastic, and (Oh yeah) DJ Green Lantern. The Evil Genius releases another mixtape with the political duo featuring other prominent artist like Styles P, Bun B, K'Naan, and Chuck D. Dead Prez albums don’t disappoint so if you get a chance go pick it up.

Next up we have a MC from the legendary east coast group Brand Nubian. Grand Puba releases his fourth solo album, Retroactive. The New Rochelle MC’s new disc also features Busta Rhymes, Dead Prez, Lord Jamar, Q-tip, Large Professor, and Kid Capri. Those that like this can also look forward to a Brand Nubian album that is rumored to be released in the near future.

Let’s head down south to Houston, Texas with Z-Ro and Chill releasing The Rain. I haven’t heard too much about the album but Z-Ro’s last album, Crack, was good. If you like the underground Houston scene then pick this one up.

One of the original nine members from Wu-Tang, U-God, releases his third album, Dopium. (It’s his fourth if you count the compilation U-God presents The Hillside Scramblers). Now U-God might not be the first MC that fans will name when looking forward to a solo album out of Wu-Tang but I’m hearing he’s put out some solid work this time around. Of course the album has guest appearances from Wu members GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Ghostface and Method Man. If you like him then take a look at the new album.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners returns with their new album, Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love. The group is responsible for production work for a lot of artists ranging from Andre 3000 and Dr. Dre to Iggy Pop and Herbie Hancock. I wasn’t a big fan of the first album but I’m hearing that this one is supposed to be pretty nice. You might want to give the new double cd a listen.

On the west coast Cypress Hill’s Dj Muggs brings forth another Soul Assassins album. Soul Assassins Intermission features guest appearances by Bun B, RZA, Planet Asia, Xzibit, and others. The Soul Assassins series (as well as most of the albums put forth by DJ Muggs) have always been consistently pleasing.

This week we also have two artists representing Arizona. Willy Northpole releases Tha Connect and C-Thug releases I Am Arizona. (With an album called Tha Connect and the name C-Thug I wonder what they are going to be rapping about?) Willy Northpole if you remember had some dealings with 50 Cent through fellow Arizona MC Hot Rod but an album never came from the situation. His album is being released by Ludacris’s DTP record label and features B.o.B, Bobby Valentino, and Ne-Yo. C-Thug is also an artist that has been in the industry for a minute now. He’s releasing a DVD entitled I Am Arizona in connection with the new album. If these two artists can gain national exposure it would open up a lot of doors for other artists coming out of Arizona.

Finally, Jedi Mind Tricks releases the double CD Greatest Features. This album is actually a collection of features done by group frontman Vinnie Paz. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to Jedi Mind Tricks during the past decade you can see an overview of some of their work. You know the drill. If you’re one of the fans complaining about not hearing enough Hip Hop find a store and pick up a couple of these artists.