AllHipHop ChartWatch: Jay-Z And Raekwon Square Off

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Now normally on a day like today I would just rush through the top 10 and move on to dropping this week. Let’s be

honest….some of you guys have already skipped down there before even finishing

this sentence. Well, I skipped out last

week and I like my job so let’s look at who is on the charts. Jay Z and Raekwon can wait a couple of


Well for

those of you that didn’t skip down and are still with me the top ten this week

has a couple of newcomers. If you would

have told me 15 years ago that the first artist has a number one album it would

have made sense. If you would have told

me five years ago that this artist had a number one album I would have looked

at you like you’re crazy. Well, don’t

call it a comeback! Whitney Houston

returns with her latest album, I Look To

You, and sells about 300,000 copies to take the top spot.

That is

followed by the girl that’s teaching your children how to pole dance….Miley

Cyrus everyone. It’s only a matter of

time before she winds up with Dr. Drew on celebrity rehab so enjoy her latest, Time Of Our Lives, which comes in at

number two.

The next

artist has been working in the music industry for a while and is really

starting to shine as of late. Trey Songz

manages to mess up my spell check and sell 135,000 copies of his new album, Ready. 

That puts him solidly at number three with the hopes that he will be

able to maintain his status on the charts for next week.

At number

four we have the incomparable Michael Jackson who holds the spot with his

collection, Number Ones. The late musician also holds the number nine

spot with his chart topping album, Thriller.

In the

relaxed, laid back category we have Colbie Calliat whose latest album, Breakthrough, comes in at number

five. That is followed by Kings of

Leon’s Only By The Night, and

Chevelle’s Sci-Fi Crimes at numbers

six and seven respectively.

The next

artist was featured last time in “Dropping this Week” and debuts on the

countdown at number eight. Miami rapper

Pitbull has a loyal fanbase and they help him move 41,000 copies of his latest

album Rebelution.

The last

spot in the countdown is held by Taylor Swift whose latest album, Fearless, continues to hold onto the

charts selling 35,000 copies.

Those of

you that read each week already know about my feelings about the Black Eyed

Peas but I’m not going to hate. They are

at the eleventh spot selling 33,000 copies of their latest studio album, The E.N.D. Odds are they will be back on the top ten

next week so there’s no need for me to count them out yet.


group featured in “Dropping this Week” was the Insane Clown Posse. Their new disc, Bang! Boom! Pow!, sells 21,000 units and puts them at the number

twenty five position.

The next

two artist have been right next two each other on the charts for the past few

weeks. Eminem moves 14,000 copies of his

last studio album Relapse and claims

the thirty third spot followed by Fabolous at thirty four with Loso’s Way.

On to

“Dropping This Week"


I applaud those of you that exercised will power and actually read through the top 10. To the rest of you…shame. (Actually, I would have skipped down here the

second I read the name Miley Cyrus). 

Let’s just go ahead and get the obvious out of the way. You guys have been waiting on this for

months….years really. That’s right 3OH!3

are finally The American electronic group from Boulder,

Colorado —ok…I’ll stop. You don’t care

about 3OH!3 and neither does their label if they are releasing them this week. dropping an album.

You do,

however, care about Blueprint 3 and Only Built For Cuban Linx II. What can really be said about these two

albums that has not already been said. 

There are reviews for both albums here at that have strong

commentary from fans. There are die hard

fans for both “Jigga” and “The Chef”. 

Many of you had already begun commenting about the albums well before they came out. (Don’t know how you guys are getting albums

so early…). So far the response to

Blueprint 3 is you either hate it or love it. 

Jay is either evolving or losing his touch. With Raekwon it’s either a return to the

original Wu-Tang sound that we all loved or the album is just stagnant and

shows no growth. Both of these albums

are perfect examples that you can not please all the people all the time. I for one like them both but what do you guys

think? Are both of them showing growth

or losing touch? Can the albums be put

up against each other and if so which one is better? Are they some of the artist’s best work? Am I asking too many questions? Let’s get back on topic.


because I’m going to feel bad, 3OH!3 is coming out with an album this week. They are really a band. They are really from Boulder, Colorado. The new disc is called Want and is their second album but first major release. The album has Kid Cudi and Katy Perry on it

so it could be interesting. It looks

they are kind of like a rap-rock hybrid so if you’re into that (or can’t want

for Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit to return with an album) then you may want to

check them out. (Really though, if you

want to see something….different….yeah, different…youtube the group’s new song

“Holler Till You Pass Out.” I don’t know

if they are serious or if it’s a joke. And

they’re not really like Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park. They are more like the dudes from Saturday

Night Live. I half expect T-Pain to come

out of nowhere and start singing about a boat).

I’m sure

there are other people dropping albums this week but do you care? I gave 3OH!3 some time because I clowned them

early but everyone is just interested in Jay-Z and Raekwon. I’m sure they should be on the charts for

next week so with that we’ll bring the week to a close.


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