AllHipHop ChartWatch: Jay-Z's BP3 Art, Buy Slum Village, MJ's Still No. 1!

AllHipHop Staff

AllHipHop ChartWatch

August 5, 2009

Welcome back to ChartWatch where we show the top ten albums of the previous week and put fans onto new releases in Hip Hop for this week. A lot of big things, some positive and some negative, are going on in Hip Hop right now. First off, Baatin of Slum Village passed away on Saturday. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the Detroit rap group now is the time to go out and pick up an album and keep the memories of artists like Baatin and J. Dilla alive.

Now all that being said there are some positive notes out there in Hip Hop music. Jay-Z and Raekwon released album covers that have people already debating the quality of the music. The debate might be a bit premature (given that we haven’t heard anything) but it does show that a lot of fans have an extreme interest in their new work. Plus, Shyne is supposed to be getting out of jail (although some fans might not think this is positive) and may/may not sign with Jay-Z. We’ll see what Puff says about that. Probably the most positive note this week is that some Hip Hop actually got onto the top 10.

Michael Jackson, of course, leads the pack this week. He has three albums in the top ten starting off with Number One’s selling 112,000 copies this week. The Essential Michael Jackson and Thriller hold the third and fourth spot selling 69,000 and 61,000 copies respectively.

That brings us to the newest entry to the charts. Fabolous sells an impressive 97,000 copies of his fifth studio album Loso’s Way and debuts in the top ten at number two. Hopefully the Brooklyn MC will be able to maintain sales into next week.

American idol alum Daughtry holds the number five spot with his latest album Leave This Town.

Slipping a couple of spots but still selling 54,000 copies, Maxwell’s BLACKsummer’snight, holds the number six spot. The comeback album has been performing strong for the last few weeks paving the way for the next two instalments in the trilogy, blackSUMMERS’night and blacksummers’NIGHT. Maxwell fans have a good couple of years ahead of them.

The chronicle of pop music, Now 31, is at number seven followed by the Hip Pop group The Black Eyed Peas. The group’s fifth studio album comes in at number eight on the charts this week. I’ll give props where they are due. In a time of receding album sales The Black Eyed Peas are slowly climbing up the charts.

The Kings of Leon’s, Only By The Night and The Hannah Montana 3 soundtrack round out the charts holding the ninth and tenth spots.


Not too many albums coming out in the new releases section so I’ll keep it short. We’ll start off with Amanda Blank. She is a singer/rapper that is in the same vein as artists like M.I.A and Santogold. I find with artist like these fans either hate them or love them. Her album is going for $8 on itunes so you may want to go over there and check her out.

Next up we have the artist responsible for “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)”, “Walk That Walk”, and “Ice Cream Paint Job”. Dallas artist Dorrough releases his latest album Dorrough Music. Some of you like him…some of you don’t. Regardless, his album comes out now so if you’re a fan go out and get it.

Last but not least, Brooklyn MC Poison Pen returns with his latest studio album, The Money Shot. The new album features artists like Immortal Technique, M.O.P, Silkk The Shocker, and Gillie Da Kid. If you’re a fan of east coast Hip Hop then you may want to give this one a listen.

See, what’d I tell you? Short and to the point. That’s the ChartWatch for the week. Hit a store and pick up an album.