AllHipHop ChartWatch: Just Getting Started...2010 Is HERE!

ChartWatch for January 06, 2010


to 2010! It’s a new year and a new

decade for music and Hip Hop. Last week

we counted down the biggest sellers in Hip Hop for 2009 and Eminem’s Relapse came out on top. This week we start the countdown off with

another chartopping album.


it’s debut last summer the Black Eyed Pea’s fifth album, The E.N.D, has not fallen out of the top fifty. The group was the second highest selling Hip

Hop act of 2009. This week they make a

jump from their position two weeks ago at the 19th spot and open up

the year at number eight. The group

sells 47,000 copies this week proving that Hip Hop ain’t dead…it’s just been severely

beaten and is in critical condition. Nah, just playing…I like a couple of Black

Eyed Peas songs….a couple.


Peas are the only representative of Hip Hop in the top 10 this week so let’s

move on to the top 50. A couple of weeks

ago I asked if Young Money could take the number one spot. The answer was no. I kind of expected that. What I didn’t expect was for the group to

chart as high as they are this week. Lil’

Wayne and his Hip Hop collective sold 40,000 copies of We Are Young Money this week and claimed the number 12 spot.


are followed by 2009’s top seller, Eminem, whose rerelease of Relapse sold 39,000 units and claimed

the 13th spot. Em’s chart

toping success with Relapse should definitely set the stage for the release of

Relapse two later on this year.


is the 3rd top seller for 2009, Jay-Z. The self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive moves

another 24,000 copies of his latest album, The

Blueprint 3. On a side note the

rapper has recently released videos for “On To The Next One” and “Young Forever.” I like “On To The Next One” but can someone

please tell me what that video is about. 

And while you’re at it someone out there please tell me what the next

artist is saying. (Damn I sound old).


“Gucci Mane” Davis takes the 32nd spot this week. The

State Vs. Radric Davis sells 17,000 copies which adds to the 125,000 copies

the album sold the first two weeks after its release.


three weeks ago 50 Cent took a serious drop, from 21 to 42, and he hasn’t been

in the top fifty since. Even with that

the Queens rapper still managed to grab the number 10 spot for highest selling

Hip Hop artist for 2009. Ever the

fighter, the rapper’s fourth album, Before

I Self Destruct, climbs up and grabs the 33rd spot by selling

16,000 copies this week.


looks like 2010 is starting off in the right direction with more Hip Hop

climbing into the top 50. One can only

hope the trend will continue.


This Week


week we have an artist with whom everyone is pretty much familiar. I will say one thing…dude got snubbed at the

Grammy Nominations. You take the mic, embarrass

one teenage country star, and everyone wants to make it a big deal. Ok, maybe he did deserve some hate because it

was a jerk move. However, at this point I

think the world was mad enough…now give him his props. Better yet, when he wins let Swift get up

there and say that Soulja Boy had the record of the year. Anyway, Kanye West releases his VH1 Storytellers album which contains

both the music and a DVD of the show. 

The album contains mostly music from his latest album 808s & Heartbreaks

with a couple of extra songs and performances. 


the charts for this week. I know how you

guys feel about purchasing music so I’m not even going to ask. But if you bootleg some Hip Hop play it for

someone who might buy an album. See you

next week.