AllHiphop ChartWatch: Low Sales, Great Music

ChartWatch for June 2, 2010The summer started to heat a few

weeks ago with some big albums dropping from artists like Nas and Talib

Kweli. I know album sales are as low as

they have ever been but (and yes I appreciate the irony when I say this in a column

titled “ChartWatch”) it's not always about sales. It’s good to see some quality Hip Hop being

put out to the masses. A lot of good

albums have come out in the last few months so I’ll say it once again…if you

can’t find any good Hip Hop, you’re just not looking.

First up on the charts this week

is Usher who jumps from the 8th spot to number five. With his latest successful number 1 single “OMG”,

Usher sells another 34,885 copies of Raymond

vs Raymond.

While Usher holds the number five

position the duo that held that spot last week drop five spots to number

ten. Nas and Damian Marley sell 23,640

copies of their critically praised album Distant


B.O.B hovers around the same position

claiming the 17th spot this week and selling 19,536 copies of his

latest major release The Adventures of

Bobby Ray.

He is followed by a group whose

leader helped Usher gain his latest number one hit. The Black Eyed Peas drop two spots to number

21 selling 16,722 copies of their latest, The

E.N.D. Will.I.Am has made some type

of deal with the otherworld. Is he good?

Is he evil? I don’t know. What I do know

is that he can put almost any noise on a record and 20,000 people will go buy

it. Twenty thousand people…every week….for

a year.

He was at the number 30 spot last

week. He was at the number 30 spot the

week before that. He’s at the number 30

spot this week. Ludacris maintains his position

by selling 11,506 of his 7th studio album Battle of the Sexes.

Finally, Lil Wayne sells 8,187

copies of his “rock” experiment, Rebirth, and claims the 49th spot.

Dropping This Week

I don’t have a lot of information

on it but Yukmouth releases his sixth studio album entitled Free at Last. The album features guest appearances from

Curren$y, Dru Down, Mistah F.A.B, Messy Marv, and C-Bo to name a few. Fans of Yukmouth and Smoke-A-Lot records

should take a look at this one.

Have you ever thought “I like Bow Wow…but I just wish someone would

compile all of his hits on one disc”? 

No? Me either. Bow Wow releases Playlist:

The Very Best of Bow Wow

this week containing such hits as “Puppy Love” and “Fresh Az I’m Iz”. In his defense, the way record companies

operate, Bow Wow probably has nothing to do with this album...but if you’re a

fan….maybe you’ll buy a copy.


can I say? When a Bow Wow playlist compilation album makes it into


then you know it must be a slow week. We’ll

be back next week with the charts and (hopefully) some more albums.