AllHiphop ChartWatch: No Big Chart Changes, Illuminati Class Is In Session

ChartWatch for May 19, 2010

There isn’t a big change in the charts this week (well there’s

one…but we’ll talk about Trina later) but there are some big albums coming

out. Let’s get the charts out of the way

first. There isn’t any Hip Hop in the

top ten this week and, once again, the top artist is B.o.B. His debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, experienced a big drop last week but

this week the Atlanta rapper stays in relatively the same spot holding at

number 13 and selling 26,952 copies. To

date B.o.B has sold 145,708 copies.

Call me psychic because I called it last week, but it looks

like The Black Eyed Peas are moving back up the charts. This week The

E.N.D moves up eight spots to number twenty and sells 18,493 copies. That album is forged by some kind of black

magic…or the Illuminati. (I just want to

see if another Illuminati expert is going to comment again. I think they are giving away degrees in Illuminati studies at the Devry or Phoenix online which explains the rise in Illuminati accusations in the rap community.)

Ludacris climbs up three spots to number 30 with his latest

album Battle of the Sexes. This week entrepreneur sells 13,942 copies.

Somehow…someway….Lil Wayne managed to claw his way back onto

the charts with his “rock” experiment Rebirth. His album wasn’t on the charts last week but

this week the New Orleans MC sells 10,496 copies and takes the number 44 spot.

The biggest change on the charts this week is Miami rapper

Trina’s latest album Amazin’. The album falls 36 spots this week, from 13

to 49, and sells 9,248 copies. That’s a

pretty significant drop so Trina fans might want to go out and hit up a store

or something. (Let’s be real…this won’t

be on the countdown next week but hopefully some of the music dropping this

week might.)

Dropping This Week

It looks like the wait is over for Hip Hop fans expecting

some decent albums this summer. First up

is a big album that almost looked like it wasn’t going to happen. After a few pushbacks, Nas and Damian Marley

release their already well received album Distant

Relatives. The album features K’Naan,

Stephen Marley, Dennis Brown, Joss Stone, and Lil Wayne. This very site has already given the album a

10 out of 10, and while some may think it a little much to call this a perfect

album, this is definitely worth a listen for any Hip Hop fan.

Next up is another duo that dropped a classic album a little

over a decade ago. Talib Kweli and

Hi-Tek released Train Of Thought

under the moniker Reflection Eternal back in 2000 and fans have been waiting

for them to release another album ever since. 

This week the duo drops Revolutions

Per Minute featuring Res (you got to love Res), Bun B, Estelle, Chester French,

Bilal, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, and J. Cole. 

This one is another album that’s already getting favorable reviews so if

you have been waiting to pick up some good music, now’s your chance.

Madlib is still at it and the producer has been dropping an

album a month in his Medicine Show series. 

This month the California “beat konducta” releases Medicine Show No. 5 History of the Loop Digga: 1990-2000. This album showcases previously unreleased

material from the producer during the early 90’s. The series has been pretty good so far so you

may want to give it a listen.

Madlib also joins up with Detroit MC Guilty Simpson to

provide the sonic backdrop for his latest album, OJ Simpson. The album

features Frank N Dank and Strong Arm Steady along with complete production by

Madlib. These two artists work well

together so this album should not disappoint.

Next up is Necro who is releasing his sixth studio album, Die!, his latest entry in the genre of

death rap. I don’t know too much about

death rap (and according to a commenter last week I am already playing with the

forces of evil by making light of the illuminati) so I’m going to leave this

one alone. If you’re a fan I’m sure you

already knew this was coming out. There

are no features on this album so this is pure Necro, unfiltered and uncut. Pick it up.

I don’t have too much information on this next album but

Oakland rapper Keak Da Sneak is releasing his 15th album since his

1999 debut Sneakacydal. The new album, Mobb Boss, is produced by Big Hollis and that’s really all I have

on it. If you’re a fan let me know how

it is.

Have you ever been sitting around and thought “I want to

hear the live version of Same Song by

The Digital Underground?” Yeah, me

neither…but for those of you that do The Digital Underground is releasing The Greenlight EP which contains

unreleased music and a live version of the song which introduced Tupac to the


Finally, Bizarre (the big guy from D-12) drops his third

album, Friday Night at St. Andrews. The Detroit MC says that, unlike his last two

albums which showcased his humor, this album will showcase his lyrical

skills. That’s right…he waited until he

was three albums deep to show you he can rap. 

We’ll see about this one. If you’re

a fan pick it up.

We had quite a few albums dropping this week. I sure at least one of them will make it onto

next week’s ChartWatch. See you next