AllHipHop ChartWatch: Rakim Cometh! Jay-Z & BEP Hold It Down! MJ Makes SoundScan Change Up!

AllHipHop Staff

ChartWatch for November 18, 2009

Here is something interesting. Michael Jackson has caused SoundScan to make some changes in how they report album sales. With the renewed success of Thriller and his Greatest Hits album, older catalog release will be included in the new releases. So, as the highest selling artist of 2009, Taylor Swift can see competition from people that released albums over 20 years ago like MJ, who is the second-highest selling act this year. Normally, these older albums are in a separate chart.

So, lets get into it.


up, Jay-Z sells 33,000 copies of The Blueprint

3 but dips from the 13th to No. 18. Then we have The Black Eyed Peas whose album,

The E.N.D, continues to move numbers selling another 30,000 copies this week - impressive!


native Wale enters the countdown at number 27, selling 26,000 copies of his

debut disc. His album, Attention Deficit, is getting some

pretty good reviews, and while selling 26,000 copies is not bad in this

climate, it could be better. There are

rumors that the album didn’t get the push it deserved, and that it was hard to

find. Two questions: What are your thoughts on the album (This is

for people who actually listened to the album…not people who just have an

opinion on Wale), and, if you bought the album, did you have trouble finding it?

(Once again this is for people that actually bought the album and not…well you

get the point.) Either way congratulations

go out to Wale for moving some debut album units.

Last but not least is Hip-Hop’s current golden boy, Drake. The Canadian MC sells another 12,000 copies

of So Far Gone and maintains his position at number 45. The newcomer continues to sell units of his

album before the album. If this is any

indication of future album sales, Drake’s debut should be a chart topper.


This Week


have some good albums this week. One of

raps top earners returns to the streets, a legend in the game finally drops his

long awaited album and a ghetto boy gets some redemption.


of you have been waiting…..some of you haven’t….but no matter…its here. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson takes a break from

watching Rick Ross’s kids (it’s funny…disrespectful…but still funny) to drop

his fourth studio album. (Before the 50 fans start commenting this is his 5th

album if you include Power of the Dollar.) Before

I Self Destruct is the rapper’s last album for Interscope (not including a

greatest hits) and is said by him to have a much “darker and aggressive

tone.” The album is accompanied by a

movie of the same title. Before I Self Destruct, has guest appearances

from Eminem, Ne-Yo, Loyd Banks, and R. Kelly, and features production by Dr.

Dre, Havoc, Polo Da Don, Rockwilder, Black Key, DJ Khalil, and J. Keys. 50 has managed to remain a force in the music

industry…but not necessarily for his music. 

His last album, Curtis, was

given mixed reviews but hopefully Before

I Self Destruct, having few appearances and more of a focus on 50, will

have better fortune. 50 fans, 50 haters,

and all those in between should give this one a chance and pick it up.


Michael Griffin Jr., better known as Rakim, returns after more than eight years

to drop his third solo studio album. The Seventh Seal was originally supposed

to be released in 2002 as Oh, My God

on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath record label. 

Since that time Rakim has left the label and totally reworked the

album. He now releases The Seventh Seal which features Maino,

Tracey Horton, I.Q., Samuel Christian, and Rakim’s daughter, Destiny

Griffin. It’s Rakim. I really don’t know what else to say. He and Eric B brought you Paid In Full, Follow The Leader, Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em, and Don’t

Sweat the Technique. There is not

enough that can be said about his influence so if you want to hear some real

Hip Hop, pick this one up.


next rapper started of one weekend trick or treating, moved on to robbing some

kids, and ended up fighting a seven foot figure of his imagination. Bushwick Bill, solo and as one third of the

Geto Boys, has been a controversial figure in Hip Hop. He is now releasing his sixth solo, and first

Christian, album. That’s right…Bushwick

Bill is releasing a Christian rap album titled Testimony of Redemption. Bushwick

Bill was done a lot in his lifetime, from threatening reporters to shooting

himself in the eye, but has now turned it around to become a born again

Christian. It should be interesting to

see how his storytelling skills transfer to Christian rap. If you get a chance pick this one up.


and Slug are two well known rappers that still remain underground. Each has dropped some critically acclaimed

work of their own, but together they are known as Felt. The Los Angeles wordsmith and Minneapolis MC

have released Felt: A Tribute to

Christina Ricci, Felt 2: A Tribute to

Lisa Bonet, and now release Felt 3: A

Tribute to Rosie Perez. Murs and

Slug drop some quality music so if you get a chance check this one out.