AllHipHop ChartWatch:Sade Gets Knocked Off, Gucci Mane Returns

ChartWatch for March 10, 2010

"Your reign on the top was short

like leprechauns

As I crush so-called willes,

thugs, and rapper dons."

-Christopher “The Notorious Big”



yesterday was the anniversary of his untimely death I think I’ll open

ChartWatch this week with one of my favorite Biggie versus. Actually

I have a better one but after I edit it out for profanity it’s not

really worth mentioning. I think this verse is fitting for the

charts because lately there have be a lot of rappers who manage to sell

for a week or two and then fall off. I’m not saying any names

(this is not that kind of week) but just thought the verse was fitting.


open up the week with Sade who gets knocked out of the top spot by Lady

Antebellum. Her latest album Soldier of Love moves another

76,000 copies and places the songstress in the number two spot.


up is a group that is real familiar with the top ten. If there

is ever some type of mass nuclear incident the only things that will

survive are roaches…and the Black Eyed Peas latest album. This

thing refuses to stop selling. This week the group is at the number

eight spot with The E.N.D selling another 46,000 copies.


know we’re AllHipHop but usually when an R&B/Soul artist enters

the top ten I’ll give the album a mention (i.e. Sade). This

next artist doesn’t make the top ten but comes extremely close.

(Plus I’m biased because we share some name similarities. I have to

support). Raheem DeVaughn enters the charts at number eleven this

week with his third studio album, Love & War

MasterPeace, selling 42,000 copies.


behind him is Lil Wayne with his “rock themed” album Rebirth.

The newly incarcerated MC drops from the 6th to the 12th

spot and sells 30,000 copies this week. Wayne’s record label,

Young Money, also charts this week. We Are Young Money

grabs the 32nd position and moves 15,000 copies.


Kaheld’s, Victory, enters the charts this week at number 13.

The star packed album moves 29,000 copies which should make Florida

artist pretty happy.


The Blueprint 3 takes a dip and lands at the 43rd spot

sellig 12,000 copies, and rounding out the top 50 is Gucci Mane with

his latest, The State vs. Radric Davis. The Atlanta MC

was not on our charts last week but has managed to push his way up to

number 49.


for the albums dropping this week. 

Dropping This Week

"Yeah, this album is dedicated

to all the teachers that told me

I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the

buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on

me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters"


Christopher “The Notorious Big” Wallace


on all those people calling the police and trying to keep the neighborhood

safe. All jokes aside Biggie’s “Juicy” off of Ready to

Die captures the feelings of a young rapper getting his first taste

of success. Hopefully some of the newcomers (and established artists)

in dropping can get some of that success with these latest albums.


up is Ludacris with his seventh studio album Battle of the Sexes.

The album was originally rumored to be split between him a Shawnna but

who knows what’s going on with the DTP camp right now. There

doesn’t seem to be any bad blood because Shawnna is definitely on

the album along with Nicki Minaj, Lil Scrappy, Trey Songz, Flo Rida,

Lil Kim, Lil Fate, Gucci Mane, I-20, Monica, Ne-Yo, Diamond, Trina,

and Eve. Ludacris usually gives a pretty solid album so fans shouldn’t

be disappointed with this one.


up is Los Angeles duo U-N-I with their latest offering A Love Supreme

2.0. The album is said by the group to tackle the lust, love,

and hate of relationships. The group takes their name from one

of The Roots songs (guess which one?) so you can tell where their heads

are at. The album comes with a DVD that tells how the duo along

with their producer Ro Blvd created the album.


we have Kidz In The Hall and their third album Land of Make Believe.

The group has moved from Rawkus to Duck Down Records and have been pretty

noteworthy as underground Hip Hop representatives. Hopefully this

album can start to push them more towards some mainstream sales.