AllHipHop ChartWatch: Sade Wins, Wayne Hangs On, Freeway Emerges!

 ChartWatch for February 17, 2010


February 2010 and we’re back with ChartWatch. 

Know I know we usually only talk about Hip Hop here but my favorite

artists just hit number one this week so I’m making an exception (plus not too

much is going on this week so why not show some love to R&B in the Hip Hop

charts column?). Sade’s Soldier of Love comes in at number one

selling 481,000 copies. (Flip over to

album reviews if you want to see our take on her latest offering.) Not bad for an someone that hasn’t released

an album since 2000.


the way for Hip-Hop is Lil Wayne with his rock experiment Rebirth. The Crescent City

MC sells another 83,000 copies and drops two spots to number four.


out the top ten is The Black Eyed Peas album The E.N.D. This album really

refuses to die and moves another 65,000 copies helping The Peas grab the number

eight spot. If you really want to get

technical the only Hip Hop in the top ten is the Black Eyed Peas which is kind

of sad.


are only two albums representing Hip Hop as we move from the top ten into the

top fifty. The first is from Lil Wayne’s

Young Money. We Are Young Money sells 19,000 copies and dips down to the 39th

spot. They are followed by Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 which sells 17,000

copies this week but also takes a drop moving from twenty-seven to forty-four.


This Week


have a few albums coming up this week. 

First, if you liked the The

Freelapse mixtape (which is available for free in Music Reviews) then you

may want to pick up Freeway’s collaboration with Jake One titled The Stimulus Package. The album features Beanie Sigel, Raekwon,

Young Chris, Birdman, Bun B, LaToyia Williams, Omilio Sparks, and Mr. Porter.


up is Return of the Wu, an album

composed of older songs as well as unreleased material mixed by Wu Tang

affiliate DJ Mathematics. It’s not a new

Wu Tang album but it may hold fans over until the group comes out with a new

one (if they ever come out with a new one.)


didn’t even think this next artist was still doing stuff but apparently I was wrong. Tone Loc

(that’s right “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing.” THAT Tone Loc) drops Tone Loc T.V. 2 featuring Bavgate, Guce, Goldtoes, Jimmy

Roses, Boss Hogg, Mac Mall, Freddy Chingaz, Napalm & Eruption, Beeda Weeda,

Berner, and Stuntman.

That’s it for the week. We’ll see if any Hip Hop is on the charts

next week.