AllHipHop ChartWatch: Slaughterhouse Numbers Are In

AllHipHop Staff

Last week was a dismal week for Hip-Hop on the charts but a lot of fans were excited about newcomers, Slaughterhouse.

The bad news is that they didn’t make it onto the top ten but for a group composed of four lyricists they did move some numbers.

I never know when a country music album is going to drop. I don’t hear any commercials or see any signs but one thing is for sure….there are some country fans out there.

George Strait enters the charts this week at number one with his new album Twang. It looks like Michael Jackson is starting to lose some of his hold on the charts. If you’ve been following the sales for the past few weeks he usually has three albums in the top five.

This week he only holds the second and the sixth spot. Number Ones and The Essential Michael Jackson sell 80,000 and 40,000 copies respectively.

Neil Diamond enters the charts at number three with his latest Hot August Night/NYC. I’m pretty sure you don’t come to for Neil Diamond so will move on.

All right, it’s official…The Black Eyed Peas are a popular group and apparently I’m just a hater for doubting their success. The E.N.D moves another 45,000 copies and claims the number four spot. This group is actually moving up the charts during a horrible sales period. Rappers and underground groups pay attention. If you want to cross over and move more units…get a Fergie. M.O.P and Jessica Simpson? Maybe Little Brother should pick up Miley Cyrus? (As I typed those last couple of lines I disgusted myself so we’ll move on. No disrespect to underground rap fans because I know how ya’ll get.)

At the number five spot is the new album by Cobra Starship, Hot Mess. I don’t know what they do but they have an interesting group name and album title.

At the number seven spot is Kings of Leon with their latest album, Only By The Night. If you’re looking to expand your musical horizons you may want to start of with an album like this one.

I never really got into American Idol and couldn’t tell you who won the last couple of seasons but one of the winners has been selling albums. Daughtry’s Leave This Town comes in at number eight proving that America is in love with Karaoke singers.

Speaking of overly commercial and packaged music, the latest installment to the Now series, NOW 31, grabs the number nine spot.

Finally, the first album in Maxwell’s trilogy takes the number ten spot. BLACKsummers’ Night moves an impressive 38,000 copies and keeps the R&B singer on the charts for another week.

Beyond the top ten Fabolous’ latest album Loso’s Way moves almost 23,000 units and holds the nineteenth spot on the charts. The lyrical quartet, Slaughterhouse, moved about 22,000 units with their self-titled debut and claim the twenty-first spot for the week.

They are followed by Eminem who continues to sell copies of his return to the music world, Relapse.

That is pretty much all of the Hip Hop at the top of the Charts for this week.

Pick up a couple of the albums and maybe some of the artist who didn’t make the top ten this week can move towards it.

Dropping This Week

By the looks of the comments from last week a lot of people were impressed with the Slaughterhouse album. I’m still waiting on the latest one from Raekwon and Jay-Z but until then we have some newcomers for the week.

I’ll start of this week with a female Hip Hop artist which lately is few and far between.

Rasheda drops her new album Certified Hot Chick with features from Shawnna, Cherish, Diamond of Crimemob and Kandi.

Next up is Mac Mall with his latest Mac to the Future. First off it has the Back to the Future inspired album cover so that’s a plus in my book. Second, it is the latest release off of Thizzlamic Records and features guest appearances from Shigaty, Rydah J. Clyde, J-Diggs and Tic. Those that are fans of the Bay Area sound should be on the look out for this one.

Keeping in the same vein as West Coast/Bay Area Rappers, Clyde Carson drops his new album Bass Rock. Carson is the leader in the Oakland area group The Team and is now dropping his second solo album on Capitol records. The album features The Game, Wyclef Jean, and Jacka.

Sicky Fingaz from the rap group Onyx is releasing a Hip-Hop musical called “A Day In The Life.” The soundtrack for the album drops this week and contains brand new tracks from Onyx. Now, I’m always on the fence with Hip-Hop musicals. Actually I’m on the fence with musicals period, but the movie is directed by Sticky Fingaz and features Omar Epps, Faizon Love, Michael Rapaport , and Tyrin Turner. Some of the fans should check this one out and let us know about it. Well, that’s it for the ChartWatch this week.

Pick up an album or something.