AllHipHop ChartWatch: The Landscape Is Desolate! Gucci & Young Money Hold On!

ChartWatch for January 13, 2009


the second week of 2010 and already we have a problem. Apparently bad music is becoming

contagious. You see, first people bought

enough of Flo Rida’s second album, R.O.O.T.S,

to make the Florida rapper one Hip Hop’s top selling artist for 2009. Flo Rida’s hit single, “Right Round” featured

a singer by the name of Kesha Rose Sebert. 

That song was released back in March. 

Fast forward to today and Ke$ha is number one on the charts with her

debut album Animal. Ke$ha managed to sell 151,000 copies of the

album on the strength of her hit single “Tik Tok” where she raps and sings

about…well nothing. So next time you

here a sub par rap song…turn it off. Or

you just might get a Ke$ha…or a Fergie…or a – I think you get the point.


I’m already talking about Ferige we might as well move to the only

representative of Hip Hop (unless you want Ke$ha. I don’t want to count Ke$ha. I barely want to count the group at hand) in

the top ten this week. The Black Eyed

Pea’s latest album, The E.N.D,

remains at number eight by selling another 35,000 copies. The album has gained some recent momentum

with the release of the latest single, “Imma Be.” What did I tell you to do when you hear music

you don’t like?


beyond the top ten, Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money drops down one spot to

number 13 but still manages to sell 24,800 copies of We Are Young Money. This

album is pretty much setting the stage for the release of debut discs from

Drake and Nicki Minaj. By the looks of

things the two should be well received.


are followed by Eminem whose comeback album, Relapse, sells 24,600 and takes the number 15 spot. Her is another

album that is paving the way for the future. 

Relapse 2 is due in a few months so fans won’t have to wait long to

re-up on Relapse.


was 2009’s highest selling Hip Hop artist. 

Next up is the second highest selling. 

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album moves another 19,000 units this week and holds

the 22nd spot.


up is Gucci Mane, who has managed to quietly hold his position in the top

50. This week the Atlanta rapper sells

11,000 copies of his second major label album, The State vs. Radric Davis.


rounding out the top fifty for Hip Hop this week is West Coast alum, Snoop

Dogg. The rapper’s tenth album, Malice ‘N Wonderland, moves 9,800 copies

and grabs the 46th spot.


too much happening this week. The charts

are kind of bare and nothing is really coming out, but we should have some good

albums dropping soon. See you next week.