AllHipHop Classics: Beef According To Beanie Sigel

AllHipHop Classics continues in an interview with Beanie Sigel that has been preserved like a letter in a sealed time capsule. In the interview, which was conducted in 2001 by Jigsaw, Sigel was on a warpath. He addresses beefs with Nas, Mobb Deep and expressed why he's into the streets more than mere talk. Beef was far from WWE at this time, as Hip-Hop was still reeling from from the deaths of Biggie and Pac. This interview also delves deep into his intense loyalty to Jay-Z, whom he is no longer friends with.

The story appears below just as it did in 2001.Beef According To BeansBy Jigsaw

In this age of hip hop, beef is not something to be toyed with. But when things get hot, Beanie Sigel has never been one to back down. In this first of a two part series, Beans discusses the many beefs he and his Roc-A-Fella Family are going through. Warning: It Is About To Get Ugly. How have you grown as a person and MC??

?Beanie Sigel: I don’t know in my age and years. I just speak my story. "The Truth" came out and that was – what? ’99? Yeah, that was two years ago. You know? Two Years of Growth.

?? I know when you first came out you had a problem at the Philly radio Power 99. What did that situation teach you? (Editor’s note: Beans was banned from the radio station for allegedly beating up a DJ who was selling "The Best of Beanie Sigel" bootlegs.) ?

?Beanie Sigel: That’s when I knew that I was – and I don’t like to say it – but a rapper. I was an entertainer. I knew I was in business. I knew I was a business man. It wasn’t Beans handling what he was in the street. You know, the way he would normally handle it. It was a situation that taught me a lesson as a business man. The pen is mightier than the sword. ?

? Since you say that, let me ask you this: What is the deal with Mobb Deep / Nas beef with The Roc? What is your take on that??

?Beanie Sigel: Man, we the champs right now. Its like we got the belt. We got the chips. There are a lot of cats out there that want the belt. So, they wanna throw cheap shots hoping for a shot at the title. But you don’t gotta throw cheap shots ‘cause you can step inside the ring with Sig anytime you want. I don’t give a fuck about Mobb Deep. I don’t give a fuck about Nas. Fuck Mobb Deep. Fuck Nas. What they eat is not going to make me shit and what I eat ain’t going to make them fat. They got a problem with Jay Z, they got a problem with me. They got a problem with Bleek, they got a problem with me.

?? Word.?

?Beanie Sigel: For one, women gossip. I ain’t sitting around writing raps to talk about another ni**a. Women do that. I don’t got no split between my legs, I hang. If you got that much broad in you to think of raps to write about another man, you a fa**ot. F**k you, ni**a. I’ll address you in the street before I write a rap about you. If you write a rap about me, look forward to Beanie Sigel to come to you and step to you as a man.?

? Word.

??Beanie Sigel: I’ll put a little blood in ya mouth...

?? ...Are you trying…

??Beanie Sigel: ...Pick you up by your collar and smack you up…? (laughs)

??Beanie Sigel: ...F**k ya waves up. Chip another tooth or something.

(Editors note: this was directed to Nas, who had a chipped tooth at the time)

?? So, are you…

??Beanie Sigel: You see what I am saying?

?? I mean I…

??Beanie Sigel: Chip another tooth or something. Know what I mean? See if your Mobb is really a mob or do I gotta analyse it.?

? How ugly is this going to get. Its ugly like Shabba Ranks right now…?

?Beanie Sigel: I’m prepared to handle whatever. I cross that road when I get to it. Right now, I am just doing me. I’m in it for the check. If its going to help me get paid to talk shit about Mobb Deep and Nas I am all for it. But, right now that ain’t helping me, that’s helping them. Like I said., I could give a f**k about Mobb Deep or Nas so f**k them. Its whatever.?

? Do you just want to keep it lyrical???Beanie Sigel: It you want to do that, then do that. But, like I said, women gossip. Like B.I.G. and Pac already outta here because of that. Talking s**t on record. Bottom flatline. No matter how you look at it, B.I.G. not here, Pac not here from talking s**t on record about other ni**as. And then (people outside of the beef) get involved and then it turns into some s**t. Don’t f**k with me ‘cause I am going all out to the extremes. ?

? Last time I interviewed you, you had a little beef with your Philly boys, Major Figgas. Have you all resolved that tension?

Beanie Sigel: I don’t got beef with them. I’m not thinking about them. I’m making moves. I’m getting paid. I’m getting checks. I ain’t about that. It was a business deal (between us) that didn’t happen. ?

? I heard Jay is bringing the heat on this next album. That’s the word on the street. ?Aside from Mobb and Nas, cats like Jayo Felony, Meeno are poppin shots at Jigga. Is that true?

??Beanie Sigel: What? Jay brings heat every time. What? I ain’t holding nothing back. He’s going to crush anyone who got something to say. Like I said, there ain’t no women on The Roc. We eliminated that problem already. Ain’t no females on Roc-A-Fella. You got something that you want to get off your chest, we are going to answer all comers. We taking all fights. We not ducking any fights. We heavyweight champs, pound for pound. Everything can be pay per view.?

? I forgot about Amil. What happened?

??Beanie Sigel: I don’t know. I know that I’m right here. Like I said, its whatever.

?? She wasn’t on your album.?

?Beanie Sigel: Nah.