Previews Footage From "The Amazing Spider-Man" In New York City

Earlier today, (February 6), Sony Pictures held a worldwide event in select cities that allowed fans and movie-goers an exclusive preview of the new trailer and footage from the director Marc Webb's upcoming film,The Amazing Spider-Man.

The event was the perfect opportunity for the film's creators and Sony Pictures to build anticipation and gauge reactions to the footage from the very people who would be paying to see the film when it hits theaters later this year.

The preview event, dubbed "The Untold Story," began with the The Amazing Spider-Man's new theatrical trailer, which debuts via an online premiere tonight. The trailer looks great and showcases a large amount of the film's action as well as the the transformations that both Peter Parker and the film's villain, Dr. Curt Conners, experience throughout the film.

The highly anticipated sizzle reel was next. A description of some of the scenes that the audience was shown is below:

  • Peter Parker gets bullied in school, gets some revenge, and has to be picked up by his Uncle Ben who's played by Martin Sheen. We then get to see him and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy share some awkward dialogue as he asks her out.
  • We then meet the film's villain, Dr. Curt Conners, played by Rhys Iffans, in a lab working on experiments to get his arm back. Parker than finds a room at the lab filled with elaborate webs and glowing spiders. Of course, he gets bitten.
  • He then begins to test his powers, after waking up one morning, smashing his alarm clock, and finding himself to be super-strong. This leads to a montage of him accidentally breaking stuff and swinging throughout the city.
  • We get to see brief shots of Parker building his web-shooters, just like in the comics, and then testing them very humorously on a car thief.
  • Next, there was a great scene where Spider-Man is caught by the police, gets unmasked, and proceeds to beat down a large group of officers in a very spider-like way. They never actually get to see his face.
  • Several clips of the Lizard ripping at innocent people, Spidey, and nearby cars and attempting to flip them over is shown. Throughout the reel, it's hard to get a real good look at the Lizard's face, although you can make out his large, green, scaly body multiple times.
  • A battle on the Manhattan Bridge follows and Spidey fights back while managing to save all of the cars the Lizard threw off the bridge.
  • One of the last scenes has Parker dressed as Spider-Man outrunning a collapsing building in what looks to be one the central set pieces for the film.

Overall, the footage looked amazing, and it appears that a lot of the backlash from some fans for rebooting this franchise so soon will be silenced once the film is released on July 3.

Sony Pictures will be debuting the new action-packed theatrical trailer at midnight online. In the meantime, check out the previously released trailer below: