AllHipHop in Japan PT 2: American and Japanese B-Boys

In the second part of our AllHipHop in Japan series, we examine the different moves and inspirations behind American B-Boys and Japanese B-Boys. It is clear hip-hop has had a resounding impact in the Japanese culture, especially in breaking and grafitti. But how did these art forms created here in the United States become so popular in Japan?In this piece you find answers to this question as one of the most famous B-Boys in Japan, Taisuke, explains his influences and style. While he finished in 2nd place at the 2008 Red Bull BC One and was unfortunately an early exit at this year's battles, he has remained the torch bearer for Japanese breaking by setting the break-dancing benchmark for his fellow Japanese peers. Toshiki as well has been known to draw some attention from the world for his breaking skills, as Toshiki even knocked off American B-Boy Thesis in the first round at this year's competition. Toshiki actually went further than Taisuke in this competition only to lose to one of the crowd's favorite competitors Lil' G from Venezuela.

As well in this part you get a chance to know American B-Boys Luigi, Gravity and Thesis who are known to be some of the top B-Boys in the world. They break down some of their moves, influences and music they like when they are getting down to the music. Definitely take note of Gravity, who gained notoriety for his once unprecedented double backflip. Since then there have been imitators, but he was the originator and has some other tricks up his sleeve in the making. He was also an early exit this year, but Luigi held it down for the US, finishing in the final four of the competition only to lose to Just Do It of the Netherlands.Its clear in the US we are more focused on emceeing, djing and producing than the other elements of hip-hop, but worldwide it almost appears they are as a whole slowly surpassing us in ability in several of the other elements. It is our hope that this content sparks some creative genius in the US, so that we too can pass the torch to younger generations that have love and respect for hip-hop in these art forms. Enjoy!